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Shadow Projects was the television production company of Mitchell Kriegman (who also had the vanity card Thunder Pictures), founded on July 26, 1986; the company did not have a logo until 1997. In addition to TV production, Shadow Projects specialized in puppetery and animatronic work, as well as an animation style known as "Shadowmation." It became dormant on April 28, 2006.

Logo (October 20, 1997-April 28, 2006)

Visuals: On a white background is a black silhouette of a dog's head (similar to a Labrador Retriever) in a circle with "S H A D O W P R O J E C T S" in the text-wrap effect around the bottom of the circle. The dog silhouette barks twice.


  • Sometimes, the company's website URL text "" is seen below the logo.
  • A shorter version exists after both a still screenshot of the house from Bear in the Big Blue House and the Disney Channel logo, starting when the dog silhouette barks. This can be seen on UK prints of the said show.

Technique: Still photo animation.

Audio: A dog barking sound effect is heard during the animation of the dog barking. It is different on both shows:

  • On Bear in the Big Blue House, the barking is deep and low-pitched like a large dog. The show's ending theme also plays over the logo.
  • On The Book of Pooh, the barking is higher-pitched and sounds more like a puppy.

Very rarely, it can even play without a noise to represent the animation. This can be seen on Disney+'s Spanish audio track for The Book of Pooh (specifically, S1E1).

Audio Trivia: The normal bark sound effect used on the Bear in the Big Blue House variant is called "Sound Ideas, DOG - LARGE DOG: SHARP BARKS, ANIMAL", which can be found in the Hanna-Barbera Sound Effects Library. The sound was also used as Pongo's bark during the "twilight bark" scene in 101 Dalmatians.

Audio Variants: There have been many different variants of the logo on episodes of Bear in the Big Blue House where the usual sounds are replaced with that of a different one. Some of these alternate sounds were soundbytes from the episodes.

  • On "Shape of a Bear" and "Read My Book", a different bark is heard.
  • On "Share Bear", the dog quacks like a duck.
  • On "Dirt, I Love You So", the dog oinks like a pig.
  • On "Summer Cooler", the dog makes a "beep beep" sound like the sound of a car's horn.
  • On "Spring Fever", the dog croaks like a frog.
  • On "Lost Thing", the dog quacks like a duck again, only a different quack is heard.
  • On "Listen Up!", the dog hoots like an owl.
  • On "Raiders of the Lost Cheese", the dog squalls like a pelican. This was a soundbite from the song "Let's Go Exploring," which was sung by Bear in that episode.
  • On "The Big Blue Housecall", the dog laughs like Doc Hogg.
  • On "Look What I Made", the dog says "Grabby grabby" in Treelo's voice. This was a soundbite from the end of the episode.
  • On "Love is All You Need", the dog makes kissing sounds.
  • On "It's a Mystery to Me", the dog chirps like the woodpecker that Bear, Tutter, Treelo, Ojo, Pip and Pop encounter in the episode.
  • On "As Different as Day and Night", the dog says "Go Daddy!" in Treelo's voice. This was a soundbyte from a scene in the episode, in which Treelo was dancing to an instrumental of the song "Dancing the Day Away," from the episode of the same name.
  • On "The Way I Feel Today", the dog laughs like Clammy, the talking toy clam that Pip and Pop got in that episode.
  • On "Scientific Bear", the dog makes a "boing boing" sound. This was a soundbite from a scene in the episode, in which Tutter bounces on a pogo stick. The boinging sound is also out of sync with the animation of the dog barking.
  • On "Call it a Day", the dog makes a "woop woop" sound, sounding almost like a seal bark.
  • On "Lost and Found", the dog quacks like Harry.
  • On "Morning Glory", the dog meows like a cat.
  • On "The Tutter Family Reunion", the dog says "Thank you" in a male voice.
  • On "Bats are People Too", the dog says "Later!" in Tutter's voice. This was a soundbite from a scene in the episode, in which Tutter rushes back into his mousehole after hearing about the bat that Ojo saw by the Otter Pond.
  • On the TV version of "A Berry Bear Christmas", the dog says "Happy holidays!" in Treelo's voice. This was a soundbite from a scene in the first part of the episode.
  • On all Season 4 episodes, a different bark sound is heard.

Availability: Appears on Bear in the Big Blue House and The Book of Pooh. Both shows no longer re-air on Disney Junior, but they can be found on DVD, VHS, and Disney+. This did not appear on It's a Big Big World, as it was produced under the name "Big Big Productions".

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