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In August 2019, Eric Ellenbogen (former Marvel Entertainment CEO and Classic Media founder) was named the new CEO of DHX Media. On September 23, 2019, DHX Media was renamed WildBrain as part of a reorganization, which included CFO Doug Lamb stepping down and being replaced by Aaron Ames, along with the addition of a new "brand director" position. On March 1, 2022, the company launched its namesake TV channel, replacing Family CHRGD under the same license.

Logo (December 25, 2019-)

Visuals: On a white background, a turquoise/light blue colored "W" with eyes forms up as the eyes blink. Then the W in the gray "WildBrain" text is seen moving to the left of the "W". The entire thing zooms out to reveal the rest of the logo text. The eyes blink again as the slogan "imagination runs wild" fades below.

Trivia: This logo is inspired by the 2017-2019 logo of the London-based multi-channel network WildBrain (now known as WildBrain Spark, and not to be confused with Canada's WildBrainTV).


  • Sometimes, the "imagination runs wild" text is omitted.
  • Open-matte and warp-speed variants exist.
  • On Blaze and the Monster Machines, WildBrain's Peanuts series and specials and Dorg Van Dango, the logo is sped up.
  • On Malory Towers and Who Are You, Charlie Brown?, the logo is still and put inside a white box on a background (the latter having it in-credit). Within the white box, the WildBrain text seems slightly lighter than usual, while the "W" appears to be cyan instead of turquoise in color.
  • On season 3 of Carmen Sandiego and season 3 of the 2019 version of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, a still version is used with a black background. The former has white text and lacks the "imagination runs wild" tagline, while the latter has the text in its normal colors and includes the tagline.
    • A white background version of the above variant exists.
  • Starting with the Blaze and the Monster Machines Season 6 premiere "Big Rig to the Rescue!", the logo is in CGI, with the logo being reflected on a glassy surface below, and "imagination runs wild" is omitted again.
  • A full-screen variant also exists. This version is also darker than the normal version.

Technique: CGI. 2D animation for the earlier variant.

Audio: A synth note along with some cartoon blinking sounds as the eyes on the "W" blink and a soft whoosh. Composed by Stefan Seslija.

Audio Variants:

  • On Letterkenny, the music from the 4th DHX Media logo is used.
  • On Dorg Van Dango, the music is abridged.
  • Sometimes, the blinking sounds are absent.
  • Otherwise, it’s the ending theme of the show or none.
  • Sometimes, the music from a former subsidiary's logo is used, due to sloppy plastering.
  • There's an alternate theme that has a Disney-esque magical 4-note theme with different blinking sounds.


  • It was first seen on season 8 of Letterkenny.
  • The logo began appearing on later seasons of DHX's ongoing series, including Blaze and the Monster Machines, Carmen Sandiego, Fireman Sam, Polly Pocket (2018), Chip and Potato, The Deep, Slugterra, and the aforementioned Letterkenny.
  • Used in tandem with the 3rd DHX Media logo until March 2020.
  • Also seen on the majority of newer WildBrain shows, such as Dorg Van Dango, My Perfect Landing, Malory Towers, Snoopy in Space, The Snoopy Show and the 2021 revival of Johnny Test and Sonic Prime on Netflix, as well as at the start of Tiny Pop airings of Rev & Roll and will likely appear on more upcoming shows from WildBrain that will begin throughout the future.
  • This logo also does not appear on Lucas the Spider (most likely due to time compression), Denis and Me, and Happy House of Frightenstein.
  • On WildBrain's remastered widescreen prints of Caillou that aired on Cartoonito in the US, this logo was plastered over the CINAR and Cookie Jar logos.
    • The still logo also plasters the DHX Media logo on Disney Channel France's broadcast of Carmen Sandiego.
  • Currently, the alternate music version is attached to the beginning of WildBrain's archive content, such as the 2003 Strawberry Shortcake series and Bob the Builder on the Roku Channel, and Yo Gabba Gabba! and various DIC Entertainment cartoons on Pluto TV.
    • It's also started to plaster older logos at the end as well, as it plasters the Wildbrain Entertainment logo on Yo Gabba Gabba! and the DIC/Cookie Jar logo on Gadget Boy, both of which, once again, are on Pluto TV.
    • This variant also later appeared on LEGO Friends Heartlake Stories, and the aformentioned Sonic Prime, respectively.

Legacy: The design would be used for the titular TV channel WildBrainTV, except the cartoon charactered "W" is red, similar to the WildBrain Spark logo.

DHX Media
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