Star Farm Productions

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Star Farm Productions was formed in 2003 by Trish Lindsay, Rick Carton and Sara Berliner in Chicago, Illinois. The company's first and so far only property was the Edgar and Ellen book and television series.

Logo (October 31, 2005-October 30, 2008)

Visuals: On a farm with a plowed field with stars sticking out of it, two trees, a barn (which has the word "GROW" on the roof) with a silo and a small fence in the background, all at night, there are the words "STAR FARM PRODUCTIONS" as 5 stars fly over the words from right to left and form an arc as the stars in the sky and in the field glow one by one.

Variant: Until 2007, the text simply fades in and there are no stars in the sky.

Technique: 2D digital animation.


  • Edgar and Ellen (shorts): Cricket chirps with a dog barking in the background.
  • Edgar and Ellen (series): A choir note with some cricket chirps followed by an animal noise, which can be an elephant call, a dolphin chirp, a bird call, some monkey noises, a lion roar, and a frog croaking.

Availability: Seen on Edgar and Ellen, while the early variant can be seen on the Edgar and Ellen shorts.

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