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Cartoon Network Sports is a sports division of Cartoon Network, and is best known for The Big Game (a parody of the Super Bowl).

Logo (January 24, 1998-January 27, 2001, February 27, 2004)

Visuals: The screen zooms out from a dark grey rectangle. Flames shoot out from various sides to form the then-current Cartoon Network "checkerboard" logo. There is scaffolding surrounding the logo and spotlights shining down on it. As we finish panning out, "SPORTS" in a grey "stencil" font backs onto a black parallelogram with grey edges. The camera stops zooming out as "SPORTS" and the parallelogram settle to the bottom right of the Cartoon Network logo. The edges of the parallelogram "explode" with flames and sparks briefly shooting out in a flash like manner. The end result is the Cartoon Network logo presented in a grungy metallic format with scaffolding and spotlights against a black background.

Trivia: This logo seems like something that would be seen before a WCW program (WCW was also owned by Time Warner at the time) rather than a Cartoon Network program; this was intentional, as the Big Game events were parodies of the Super Bowl and sports broadcasting in general.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Explosion-like sounds as the Cartoon Network logo forms along with wind like whooshing noises. An explosion sound effect as the parallelogram flashes. Sometimes the announcer says "The following is a presentation of Cartoon Network Sports!".

Availability: Appeared at the start of The Big Game XXVI: Tom vs. Jerry, The Big Game XXVII: Sylvester vs. Tweety, The Big Game XXVIII: Road Runner vs. Coyote and The Big Game XXIX: Bugs vs. Daffy, as well as The Big Game: A Look Back. The logo is also seen briefly in the February 27, 2004 episode of Cartoon Network's Fridays.

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