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Spark Plug Entertainment was founded by Michael Schelp in 2006. They are known for making direct-to-video "mockbusters" (films produced to exploit the popularity of major blockbusters that have similar subjects or titles) of films by Pixar, DreamWorks, etc. The company has seemingly gone dormant since the mid/late 2010s, having not released any new movies since 2015.

Logo (November 21, 2006-2015)

Visuals: On a black or white screen, a flash occurs. Then the flash dies away to reveal the Spark Plug Entertainment logo, which is "Spark Plug" in a scarlet cursive font and a 12-pointed shape with a drawing of a spark plug (hence the name) and "ENTERTAINMENT" in black lettering under it. The finished logo zooms out a bit, and takes place on a sky background.

Trivia: The logo was designed by Derek Yesman.

Variant: At the end of Piper Penguin and his Fantastic Flying Machines, a copyright notice is below.

Technique: A combination of 2D and CGI.

Audio: A drum roll at the start, then a whoosh, and a happy flute tune with a few xylophone notes at the end.

Audio Variants:

  • At the end of Piper Penguin and his Fantastic Flying Machines, an abridged version was used.
  • At the end of Car's Life 2, an extended version was used.

Availability: Not many Spark Plug films were produced, but this isn't too rare.

  • First seen on Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale, and later appeared on Plan Bee and Piper Penguin and his Fantastic Flying Machines.
  • Last seen on Car's Life 4: Junkyard Blues, released in 2015.
  • This does not appear on Bug Bites: An Ant's Life and A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure, as those were produced before the company was founded.
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