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The Ink Tank was a New York animation and design company founded in 1978 by R.O. Blechman. The company produced many station IDs and commercials with animation, stop-motion, CGI and other special effects. In 2003, Richard O'Connor and Brian O'Connell left The Ink Tank to found Asterisk Animation (now known as Ace & Son Moving Picture Co, LLC.) and it was shut down a year later.

Logo (1982, 1990, December 14, 2002-January 25, 2003)

Visuals: On a white background, an orange inkwell pen, with a blue grip and yellow tip, rises up on-screen and stops for a second before it starts to draw 2 arches mirroring each other while it dances around the screen. It then starts to draw 2 ears to connect the rings together, hints of a chubby nose, a detailed smirk, a fat chin, and an eye looking to the left with a bushy eyebrow, giving us a rather cheeky-looking expression. The ink pen then moves to the top of the face's head and drops out some ink causing it to cover nearly the entire top left of the head before the pen then moves into the face's right ear and tilts into position. Finally, the pen then fades to black and, in sync with the final note, "The Ink Tank" appears below.


  • A still version with an abridged theme is used at the end of the showreels.
  • A later variant has the logo in blue and slightly stretched vertically. Below, there is also some blue text reading:

Produced in Association with
The Ink Tank

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A rather cheerful and somewhat muffled horn fanfare with some string plucks thrown in. The later variant has the end theme of the show.

Availability: It appeared on their 1982 and 1989-1990 showreels, while the later variant was seen on Season 1 episodes of I Spy.

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