Magnetic Dreams

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Logo descriptions and captures by Muzzarino


Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio was founded in 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee by Mike Halsey. The company has created digital content to bring visions back to life. Magnetic Dreams produced a number of digital animation effects and motion graphics for variety of commercial media like the theatrical trailers for Cookie's Crumby Pictures products, the mobile game SpongeBob Moves In, V.I. Princess, and Dell Adamo.

Logo (2010-)

Note: The logo can be seen here.

Visuals: Over a black background is dust particles and the colored lights flash. During the zoom out and positioning animations, the particles form the M, the M shines and the "MAGNETIC | DREAMS" text fades in.

Technique: 2D digital animation.

Audio: Reversed cinematic sound effects and then a synth industrial tune.

Availability: Can be seen on the Magnetic Dreams demo reel videos.

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