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C.B. Films was apparently founded in 1939 as a distribution company, both for local and foreign films, entering into production in the 1960s. It shut down in 1994. C.B. was also the Spanish distributor of the vast majority of films that were released by United Artists until 1983.

Logo (February 26, 1970-1994)

Visuals: The logo starts with a fade-in of a starry space background. Upon starting, four sparks start glowing to end up forming four 6-pointed stars. The golden, sparkling letters "CB" zooms in and places itself in the center of the screen, as the four stars are totally formed. Then, a golden three-lined circle starts surrounding the letters, uniting the stars, while the sparkling text "films" is drawn just below. By the end, the white text "PRESENTA" wipes in left-to-right below the aforementioned text.

Variant: On the variant with the Atlantic Releasing sound effects, the logo stretches in from the left (like in video editing softwares).

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: An orchestral tune by Guillermo A. Martínez. Sometimes, the music of logos plastered by this one would be used instead.


  • The earliest appearance of the logo was on De Profesión Sus Labores.
  • It later appeared on El Planeta de los Dinosaruios and Xavana: The Island of Love.
  • It was also seen on Spanish prints of non-domestic films such as Making the Grade.

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