Noise International

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Noise International was a division of Modern Music Records GmbH that was created in 1987 when they expanded to the US and UK markets. It specialises in both heavy and trash metal music. Although they had a print logo in 1987, they did not use an on screen logo until 1990, when they released two VHS tape volumes of "Doomsday News".

Logo (1990)

Visuals: On a blue background, a shirtless light blue man stares at the viewer. His head starts to expand as his skin turns blue. Then, smoke comes from his ears as his eyes turn red. His face starts to get more shocked as his head splits apart, revealing a yellow light. His mouth then opens revealing the same yellow light. He then explodes as the company's name in a blue 3D font "Noise" zooms in from his mouth. The background flashes a couple of times as the text glows.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A heavy metal guitar theme is played throughout the logo, and it gets more intense as it progresses before the finished logo appears.

Availability: Seen on Doomsday News: The Video Compilation Volume 1, and Doomsday News: The Video Compilation Volume 2.

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