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Central Video was the home video imprint of Central founded in 1987 that released the company's products on home video. Their first releases were distributed through Pickwick Video before then being distributed through The Video Collection. Prior to 1991, it had no on-screen logo.

The division continued even after Carlton Communications purchased Central in 1994, although by that point Carlton began releasing select titles through their own home video division under the short-lived CTE Video label until the deal fully expired at the end of 1995.

Logo (1991-1995)

Visuals: Same as one of the variants of the 1988 Central logo from the era, except that the word "Video" in cursive wipes in below "CENTRAL".

Technique: CGI and chyroned text animation.

Audio: The same synthesised variant of the 1988 Central theme with two extra notes at the end.

Availability: Can be found on any Central Television show released on VHS by The Video Collection during 1991-1995.

  • It appears on VHS releases of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Inspector Morse, Sharpe, Soldier Soldier and Wizadora, among many others.
  • It appears on John Cunliffe-era Rosie and Jim releases from "Sailing and Other Stories" in April 1991 to "Hats and 6 Other Stories" in November 1994, as well as appearing on Flying and Other Stories/Sailing and Other Stories in June 1995.
    • The Carlton re-release of "Sailing and Other Stories" also keeps both this and The Video Collection's 1986-1995 ident intact due to it being a direct reissue of the original release.
  • On Tots TV releases, it appears on the first two VHS releases of the series: "Camel and Other Stories" and "Hedgehog and Other Stories" in March 1993 until "The Funny Noises Band and Other Stories" and "The Secret Magic Parcels and Other Stories" in March 1995.
    • The Carlton re-releases of the latter two plaster this logo and The Video Collection's 1986-1995 ident with the CTE Video logo instead.
  • On Sharpe releases, it appears on the VHS release of Sharpe's Rifles and Sharpe's Eagle in July 1993 to Sharpe's Sword in July 1995.
    • Carlton re-releases of them also plaster this logo and The Video Collection's 1986-1995 logo with the CTE Video logo instead as well.
  • It also appears on the 1992 UK VHS release of Children's Choice from The Video Collection.
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