RadioVision Video

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Logo (July 14-September 15, 1988)

Visuals: On a space background with a purple nebula, the planet Earth flies in from the top-left corner and settles in the center, turning clockwise and with red, orange, yellow, and {[color|green}} continents and a purple ocean. A guitar, keyboard, saxophone, and futuristic-looking drum (in that order) emerge from behind the Earth and fly offscreen. The same instruments, along with green, cyan, and purple straight and/or curved lines, zoom out to form an abstract face with what appear to be headphones and spiky hair represented. The guitar becomes a lightning bolt, and the other instruments become lines (or, in the case of the drum, a dot) as lightning strikes and a second lightning bolt flies in from the bottom-right corner, attaching itself to the face as "RADIO VISION VIDEO", in pink and with the words stacked on top of each other, zooms in.

Variant: For international distribution, "VIDEO" is replaced with "INTERNATIONAL INC.".

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A catchy and futuristic synth rock tune, with extra instruments added when they fly over the globe.

Availability: Seen on The Prince's Trust Rock Concert, George Michael: Stand By Me, Pet Shop Boys: Television, WASP: Videos in the Raw, and Great White Videos. The International variant appeared on a Spanish airing of Showtime's Classic Rock & Roll Reunion, and a Russian airing of Cindy Lauper in Paris.

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