Cabin Fever Entertainment

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Formed in 1987, Cabin Fever Entertainment was a subsidiary of UST Inc., parent of the U.S. Tobacco Company. In 1998, UST sold Cabin Fever to Hallmark Cards and the company was folded into Hallmark Home Entertainment.

Logo (1989-1998)

Visuals: Against a black background, some chunks of wood fly out and form a red cabin with a very thick white outline with some smoke coming out of the chimney on the right. Then, a red rectangle swoops in from the right and settles below the cabin, becoming a line. "CABIN FEVER" rises up from the line, and "ENTERTAINMENT INC.", spaced to fit the width of the line, fades in below.


  • On early releases from the company, the logo is preceded by the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition for "cabin fever".
  • There is a later version with the actions reanimated. One notable difference is that the red shape at the center of the cabin initially appears as a three-dimensional block. In the original version, the shape was flat and initially appeared as a red line which then flips over.
  • A still version also exists.
  • Sometimes, "Distributed by" is seen above the logo.

Technique: CGI. The later variant was animated by Pete Gould, who had to make it because the earlier logo's master tape was damaged.

Audio: A country-style guitar and harmonica tune. 3 high-tone strums play in sync with the animation at the end.

Audio Variant: The early version has a additional harmonica stinger over the screen placed before the logo.

Availability: Can be seen on the Our Gang/Little Rascals and Lonesome Dove video releases between 1990 and 1995 as well as others. The still version appeared on Buffalo Girls.

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