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BBC Video (later "BBC DVD" and "BBC Home Entertainment", now "BBC Studios Home Entertainment") was formed and established in 1980 as a division of BBC Enterprises (later "BBC Worldwide") to distribute BBC television programmes for home video, with John Ross Barnard as head.

In 2004, BBC Video merged with Video Collection International (VCI), to create 2 Entertain, although as of 2020, BBC Studios uses their own logos on releases of their material, with the 2 Entertain branding being used on non-BBC releases the company distributes.

In the United States, the BBC released their products through CBS/Fox Video/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment from 1985 to 2000. The license was taken over by Warner Home Video in 2000. However, their logo was phased out on actual releases as of 2007, instead using just the standard UK logo or the 2 Entertain logo except on Charlie and Lola (only the print logo is shown). As of 2017, the BBC self-distributes their releases in the United States.

In Australia, their videos were originally distributed by PolyGram Video, before Roadshow Entertainment and ABC Video (the Australian "ABC") took over in 1996.

Logo (25 June 2017-)

Visuals: There is several white lines stretching and forming a star-like shape, then these separate (explode) and disappear, leaving some of the dots moving, while the BBC logo appears in the centre. The dots disappear after a few seconds.


  • A 5-second variant which starts with the "explosion" can be seen at the start of post-2017 episodes of Doctor Who whenever they are shown, as well as streaming and international prints of some BBC shows such as Top Gear.
  • There is also a 3-second variant.

Technique: Simple 2D computer animation, designed by BBC Worldwide.

Audio: A snap sound accompanied by an orchestral theme. Composed by Matthew Herbert.

Availability: Current, even after the introduction of the current BBC logo. It can be found in Doctor Who, Hey Duggee and Bluey DVDs and Blu-ray discs, among others.

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