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1st Logo (Mid 1980s-Early 1990s?)

Visuals: Over a black background is the logo (consisting of a red M-shape enclosed in a TV shape with the registered watermark at the corner, with the text "METROVIDEO" in Revue font with the letters "METR" and "ID" connected to each other in a black rectangle) and the text "cine cultural y de entretenimiento" in a script font, all enclosed in a white square. A rainbow-ish outline with the image of the logo zooms in, then it cuts to a white background with the blue "PRESENTA" text with a black outline.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: An heroic-like fanfare.

Availability: Can be seen on some of their releases, such as the Spanish release of David Carradine's Kung Fu Workout.

2nd Logo (Early 1990s?-1996)

Visuals: Fading onto a white-black gradient background, a blocky, red diagonal "V" rises above, with two diagonal rectangles with both bottom ends rounded, flipping from below, settling next to the "V", forming the M-shape from before. The black TV tube zooms out with a trail effect. A black rectangle with the "METROVIDEO" text from before, slide onto the middle with a trail effect, then a registered symbol sliding onto the left side of the M-shape, then changing onto the other side of the M-shape, also with a trail effect. After a few seconds, the logo fades out, preceeding to the warning screen.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Audio: A chirp-sounding descending tune, seguing to a rhythmic synth theme with various synth whooshes as the shapes settle, followed by a choir, then another synth whoosh for the moving rectangle, with three plastic impact notes for the symbol, with the theme later seguing, for the warning screen.

Availability: Surfaced on a tape of España 12 - Malta 1, and on other tapes.

3rd Logo (1996-1998)

Visuals: On a blue space background with the Earth on the bottom, a light appears emitting at the top of the Earth, then a sparkle appears next to it. The Earth orbits to the left as the screen zooms out to the full view of the Earth. The sparkle spins over a few seconds and stops, then flies away, while the country's origin is being turned in to gold and zooms in. The country's model transforms into a TV and a tape. The TV and the tape flies over, while the sparkle appears, going through the left, emitting the company name and the red M-shape from the previous logo. After a few seconds, the company's name turns to black, and the M-shape fades as the text "UNA COMPAÑIA DE" fades in. The TV and the tape flies out as it proceeds to the Pearson New Entertainment España logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A deep sci-fi tune, starting with a ascending synth note and a clang as the sparkle appears, seguing into a mysterious tune, with some deep clangs, then a rising synth note which then proceeds to a powerful chorus choir note, with a loud whoosh when the sparkle slides to the left of the TV and the tape, with another whoosh when the "PEARSON" text wipes in, ending with a high pitched synth note.

Availability: Seen on a few late releases produced by the company, such as Sissi and Noticias en Rosa.

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