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Warner Alliance was a religious music division owned by Warner Music Group, which operated until 1998, when Warner purchased Word Entertainment.

Logo (Mid 1990s-1998)

Visuals: A countdown from 7 to 3 occurs on a background that changes rapidly. In order, the background changes to:

  • A compass on flowers,
  • A sunflower on denim jeans,
  • A baseball on what appears to be a clock,
  • A seashell on a plastic cloth background of stylized "WA"s,
  • A pinecone on some cloth,
  • A clock on the Creation of Adam painting by Italian artist Michelangelo.
  • A plate on either wood or an abstract brown painting,
  • A tennis ball on blue silk,
  • A coin on quilt,
  • A film reel on water,
  • A power socket on a decorative blanket,
  • A peppermint on wheat,
  • The top of a soda can on a blue background of more of the "WA" design,
  • A cut lemon on an abstract background,
  • Earth on fur,
  • A pink flower on a green background of wire,
  • The WB shield on a repeated series of a woman's face,
  • A stop sign on a river,
  • The back of a buffalo quarter on the same seashell background,
  • Finally, a clock on another painting.

After this happens, the camera cuts to a black screen, where the text "WARNER ALLIANCE" is seen sandwiched between two thin white lines. Above it is the stylized "WA", now in crimson, which zooms in slightly. Then, the stenciled text "HOME VIDEO" spins in underneath.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A male chorus singing "Moving closer to the middle of the frame!". When they reach the word "frame", a low synth sound, along with the chimes of church bells, are heard. This is taken from the song "Cash Cow" by Steve Taylor. On rare occasions, a jazz tune would play instead.

Availability: Seen on some Christian tapes from the company, including the VHS release of The Bible Collection: Jacob.

Legacy: This logo has gained notoriety for its rather unsettling atmosphere, which is claimed to be unfit for a Christian home video company.

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