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Bandai Namco Arts (株式会社バンダイナムコアーツ) is the current video/music production unit of Bandai Namco Entertainment, created in 2018 after the merger of Bandai Visual and Lantis. Both of them are still used as labels by the company.

Logo (2019-2021)

Visuals: On a black background, two colored spotlights, the left in red and the right in yellow, illuminate the floor below in those colors along with two A's standing in the spotlight, the left yellow and the right orange. The yellow A leaps up and twirls around in the air, getting the attention of the orange A and shifting the yellow spotlight to create an orange cross section. The orange A leaps in glee and the 2 A's start running around each other, causing the spotlights to chase after them and eventually reveal even more letters doing the following actions. These follow in order of appearance:

  • An inflated pink "D" that spends most of its time floating in the darkness, only to emerge into the spotlights later.
  • A purple "B" that emerges from the ground and looks around, only to get knocked down by the "O" and tries to pummel it, only to land flat on its face.
  • A green "M", much larger than the rest, walking slowly about.
  • A second yellow "A", which seems to be confused and provoked about its surroundings.
  • An orange "N", which comes in with a kick, dodging the 2 A's fight together.
  • A teal "O", which rolls around like a wheel, bumping into the "B" and evading its belly flop.
  • A magenta "N", which just walks around awkwardly.
  • A purple "C", acting just like Pac-Man in the titular game itself, sharp movements and all.
  • And a turquoise "I" that flies in like a whip, only for it to appear dizzy after it stops.

All while this is happening, the chasing As turn into an effort for them to avoid their hits, only for them to be confused for the moment. As all the letters are shown in frame for a second, the two spotlights quickly dart off screen, leaving the screen pitch black for a second. Then, they come back and collide with each other suddenly, causing their shapes to morph as the letters stand to form the words "BANDAI NAMCO" with heavy shadows. As the camera zooms out and turns upward, the spotlights turn into the blobs in the Bandai Namco logo and the letters eventually flatten out, leaving their shadows behind. After the logo forms, the background and letter shadows become white, with "BANDAI NAMCO Arts" fading in below.


  • An extremely short version exists where the background is partially white at first, with all the letters and their quirks immediately jumping into place, all the while the two blob lights merge together and the entire thing zooms out. As it all merges together to form the logo, the letters and background fade to pure white and the company name appears below.
  • A still version exists.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A triumphant 3-note horn tune, with the last note held out, is heard before another horn tune plays, this time with a choir. It then ends with a majestic orchestral fanfare with a 2-note beat finish.

Availability: Appears mostly on home video releases that aren't under Bandai Visual nor Emotion, such as 前田建設ファンタジー営業部, though the still version appears on some anime releases. The abridged version appears on commercials sometimes.

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Bandai Namco Arts
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