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This is the home video division of French premium television network Canal+.

1st Logo (1985-1995)

Visuals: Same as the common short version of the 1984 Canal+ logo, except "VIDEO" appears below "CANAL+", then vanishes along with it.

Technique: 2D computer animation with 3D effects.

Audio: A choir and synth theme.

Availability: It was seen in all tapes released by Canal+ Video at the time.

2nd Logo (1995-2005)

Visuals: Same as the bumper/feature presentation version of the 1995 Canal+ logo, except the background around the animation is black, and the variant where the Canal+ logo appears from above with a moving 8-pixel grid below is used. Then, the Canal+ logo appears again, with a gray rectangle with "VIDEO" below. At the left of the gray rectangle, there's a blue square that changes colors before it changes to blue again for a few seconds.

Technique: 2D computer animation done with a Quantel Paintbox.

Audio: Same as the bumper/feature presentation version of the 1995 Canal+ logo.


  • It possibly debuted on French VHS/DVDs from PFC Video (a joint-venture between Fox, Pathé and Canal+), but we're not so sure.
  • With the recent StudioCanal logo find, we might say that this would debut on releases from Canal+ shows, TPS shows and original works.
  • It also debuted on some of the French VHS and DVD releases of the Smart Planet TV movie and Smart Planet 2000.
  • On some releases from 2001-2005, the StudioCanal Video logo is used.
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