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Samuel Goldwyn Home Entertainment was the home video division of The Samuel Goldwyn Company launched in 1981. Early releases were originally released by MGM/CBS Home Video, and transitioned to CBS/Fox Video in 1982. Prior to 1994, SGHE licensed most of their releases to Vestron Video, HBO Video, Video Treasures, and Virgin Vision, among other distributors. From 1994 to 1997, Hallmark Home Entertainment handled distribution of their releases. In 1996, Samuel Goldwyn Entertainment, the parent of The Samuel Goldwyn Company, was acquired by Metromedia and became part of Orion Pictures Corporation. In 1997, Orion/Goldwyn was sold to MGM and SGHE was folded into MGM Home Entertainment.

Logo (1981-1997)

Visuals: Same as The Samuel Goldwyn Company logo, but the text reads "SAMUEL GOLDWYN HOME ENTERTAINMENT".


  • A prototype version, used on the 1981 MGM/CBS Home Video VHS/Betamax release of Guys and Dolls (the first appearance of the logo), has the logo start by having a square-shaped iris-in effect plays before it leads into the logo proper. At the end, the logo freezes as the name fades in, set lower than usual.
  • On the Vestron Video VHS of The Care Bears Movie, the text instead fades in rather than flying in much like its film counterpart.
  • There is a B&W variant for Samuel Goldwyn Productions movies.
  • Sometimes, the word "PRESENTS" fades in under the logo.

Technique: Same as the movie logo.

Audio: None.

Audio Variants:

  • The prototype variant has a short, instrumental version of Guys and Dolls' opening credits song.
  • On the Vestron Video VHS of The Care Bears Movie, a synthesized version of the first few notes of the movie's theme "Care-a-Lot" (the same one as the movie counterpart) plays.
  • On the Vidmark Entertainment screener VHS of La Femme Nikita, it uses the last portion of the 1985 Gaumont fanfare.

Availability: Can be seen on VHS/LaserDisc releases of Samuel Goldwyn properties such as the HBO Video release of Rock-a-Doodle, Some Like It Hot, the Vestron Video VHS of The Care Bears Movie, and Mystic Pizza, among others. The MGM/CBS release of The Billion Dollar Hobo, and the CBS/Fox releases of Pride of the Yankees and Guys and Dolls have this logo at the beginning, relegating the MGM/CBS and CBS/FOX logos to after the film.

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