DreamWorks Home Entertainment

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DreamWorks Home Entertainment was the home media unit of DreamWorks Pictures, formed in 1998. The company's releases were originally distributed by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (to the point that some referred to the unit as a de facto USHE unit), a deal that would last until 2005. After DreamWorks was purchased by Paramount Pictures in February 2006, the distribution rights went to Paramount Home Entertainment until 2011. The studio became independent from Paramount in 2008 and in 2009, they made a distribution deal with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures through their Touchstone Pictures label (although Paramount and Universal Studios continued to release their films through 2011). The company was retired circa 2011 when Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, through Touchstone Home Entertainment, began releasing their films to home media, but only films that Disney/Touchstone released. Currently, Paramount owns the home media rights to DreamWorks' pre-2008 live-action films (along with any 2008 to 2011 films they released), and both DreamWorks Animation and newer DreamWorks films are released by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

Logo (December 8, 1998-February 2, 2016)

Visuals: Same as the 1997 DreamWorks Pictures logo, only "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" is below the line, and zooms out with the DreamWorks text. The text is also further down the screen than usual.


  • On releases outside North America, mainly PAL/SECAM VHS releases, early Region 2/4 DVD releases and Asian VCD releases, the standard DreamWorks Pictures logo was used as a de-facto home video logo.
    • On Australian VHS releases, the 16:9 logo is squished to 4:3.
    • On UK VHS releases, the 16:9 logo is pillarboxed.
  • VHS trailers featured a still variant with the fishing boy and the moon above the text.
  • On holiday-themed ads for the video release of Shrek, the boy was replaced by the title character wearing a Santa hat.
  • On some Blu-ray releases, the "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" text is animated exactly like the film logo, now fading in, but there is still a line between the two. This never appeared on any DVD releases for reasons unknown.
  • There is a 4:3 version of the logo.
  • A 16:9-stretched version of the 4:3 variant was spotted on the international DVD releases of Shrek.
  • On the DVD of Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, the "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" text is small. The logo then pans downwards, seguing into the main menu for the movie.

Technique: CGI from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

Audio: The John Williams-composed theme from the film logo.

Audio Variants:

  • On the Blu-Ray version, the sound of the bobber hitting the water is slightly different.
  • On some early PAL-region DVD releases that feature this logo (such as Shrek), the music is in NTSC tone for some reason.


  • Appears on DVD and Blu-ray releases of DreamWorks films across the world, as well as LaserDiscs released by them from 1999 to 2000.
    • This logo never appeared on VHS releases, which usually went straight to the film, although several releases had the aforementioned VHS trailer variant.
  • As mentioned above, the standard DreamWorks logo appeared on PAL/SECAM VHS releases, Pre-2001 Region 2/4 DVD releases, and Asian VCD releases in place of the this logo. Such examples include the UK and Australian VHS releases of Mouse Hunt, Chicken Run (Region 4 only), Paulie, Shrek, The Cat in the Hat, Shrek 2, among others. It also appeared on the 2016 US DVD/Blu-Ray release of The Light Between Oceans.
    • Some later-released non-UK VHS releases (eg, in Australia) replace or precede this logo with the Universal Pictures Video logo.
  • The Blu-ray variant can be found on releases such as the 2008 Blu-ray of Transformers.
  • After Disney/Touchstone began distributing DreamWorks Pictures' films, home video releases of films distributed by Paramount Pictures such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and The Soloist used the Paramount DVD or Paramount High Definition logos instead, with one of the last releases using this logo being the North American DVD release of Bridge of Spies.
  • Due to Steven Spielberg initially preferring to release his films on the DIVX format (a failed competitor to DVD that was only viewable in any form until 2001 due to proprietary DRM that hasn't been cracked as of writing), it is currently unknown whether this logo appeared on the company's DIVX releases.
  • The 4:3 variant can be seen on the Australian Region 4 DVD releases (and later reprints) of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.
  • This logo was spotted on the UK DVD release of Father of the Pride: The Complete Series (it is unknown if the US release uses this logo as well or uses the de-facto DreamWorks Animation logo).
  • You can also see this on international DVD releases of The Cat in the Hat (North American releases was distributed by Universal).