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NTA Home Entertainment was the home entertainment division of National Telefilm Associates founded in 1982 to distribute their library (including the original Republic Pictures films and Paramount Cartoons) on home video. Previously, NTA's titles were licensed to The Nostalgia Merchant. In 1984, NTA launched a public domain sublabel Spotlite Video, which was the only known authentic company to have a public domain division. After the rebranding of NTA as the revived Republic Pictures in 1984, the home video division was rebranded as well.

Logo (1982-1985)

Visuals: Over a blue/black gradient background is outlined versions of the text "NTA" zoom out, one-by-one, each outline coming in after a split-second. When all zoom out, a flash occurs, making the letters silver, and “HOME ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS” appears below.

Trivia: The logo was later reused by National Telefilm Associates for their 1984 logo, with "presents" appearing under "NTA" after a freeze-frame technique removes "HOME ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS" or just "HOME ENTERTAINMENT".

Technique: Scanimate.

Audio: None.

Audio Variants:

  • On the 1983 VHS of All-Star Cartoon Parade, this logo, as well as the FBI Warning screen preceding it, have the 1968 Commonwealth United jingle playing over them.
  • On the 1983 VHS of Hoppity Goes to Town, this logo, as well as the FBI Warning screen preceding it, plaster over the 5th NTA logo, leaving its music (and the start of the film's overture) to play over both.

Availability: Seen on older home media releases of Republic Pictures films and Paramount Cartoons. It also appeared at the start of a Movies! airing of the film Riot in Cell Block 11. Some 1986 reprints (using the original NTA clamshell cases) would have the Republic Pictures logo on the label and actual tape.

NTA Home Entertainment
Republic Pictures Home Video
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