Castle Hendring

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Castle Hendring was a joint venture between Castle Home Video and Hendring Limited, founded in 1988.

Logo (1988-1990)

Visuals: The background is split into 2 sections, the top being black and the bottom being dark blue. The yellow text "CASTLE" slides up from the equator of the background, while another yellow text "HENDRING" slides down from said equator. Three red horizontal triangles appear one by one beside "CASTLE" in sync to the music and flash when the three triangles appear. Finally, a turquoise rectangular border fades in outside of the text and the shapes and gains a shadow effect.

Variant: There is an extended variant. The variant consists of the full Hendring logo sequence playing out. After the red button is pushed, black bars close the picture out and the Castle Hendring logo plays.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: An abridged version of the Hendring music, which starts with the long droning tone.

Audio Variant: For the extended version, the full music of the Hendring logo plays.

Availability: Seen on various children's cartoons, concert videos and special interest tapes released under the Castle Hendring label, such as Comic Book Confidential.

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