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In 2005, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment was founded to bring together all of its parent company's businesses involved in the delivery of home entertainment content to consumers. The company structure includes subsidiaries such as Warner Home Video, Warner Bros. Digital and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. In 2017, the Warner Home Video brand was made its in-name-only division. In January 2020, it was announced Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment would be partnering to form a 10-year joint venture, which will see new and library titles from both companies being released on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD under one entity; the venture launched in early 2021 under the name Studio Distribution Services. SDS does not use an on-screen logo; Warner Bros. content released by SDS continue to use the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment logo.

Logo (March 14, 2017-)

Visuals: A recreation of the third Warner Home Video logo; the text is replaced with "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" and different assets are used for the shield and sky backdrop.


  • An alternate version exists. In this version, the shield is smaller.
  • An in-credit variant appears on episodes of C.B. Strike.

Technique: CGI and live action.

Audio: The theme from the NTSC AOL Time Warner variant of the 1996 WHV logo, with slightly more reverb. PAL releases use the regular pitch.

Availability: It was first spotted on the DVD release of The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania! and the Blu-ray release of Collateral Beauty, both of which were released on the same date, and appears on newer home media releases from the company.

  • This doesn't appear on any Viz Media or Sesame Workshop releases. It does, however, appear on a Japanese trailer for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, likely because it was already a Warner Bros. property.
  • This logo is still being used (one recent example being the 4K Ultra HD reprint of The Maltese Falcon, released on April 4, 2023), despite Warner Bros. updating their logos in 2021 and 2023, respectively.
  • It doesn't appear on any Pathé releases in the UK, instead just featuring their logo as a de-facto home video logo. This also applies when Fox distributed their releases.
  • This logo also doesn't show up on any newer DVD and Blu-ray releases of recent MGM films, which the MGM logo is used or either go straight to the menu when the disc starts.
  • The print logo is seen on the back cover of Wild Side Vidéo titles in France as of 2022 (notably found on the Studio Ghibli reissues released by the two companies).
  • This logo also appeared at the end of an August 19, 2023 UK airing of the C.B. Strike episode "Lethal White: Part 3" on UKTV Drama.

Legacy: Many consider this logo's animation to be of lower quality than the 1996 Warner Home Video logo; when this logo debuted, some thought it was a fan-made project rather than an official logo.

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