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In 1991, two years after Sony's acquisition of Columbia Pictures and its sister company Triumph Films, Sony Video Software, Inc. was reincorporated as SVS/Triumph Home Video. This company served as a "bridge" between the RCA/Columbia and Columbia TriStar eras, and mainly covered Triumph releases and low-profile Columbia and TriStar releases, as well some non-Sony releases like New Line films. The label was used sparingly, and was eventually retired in 1992.

Logo (1991-1992)

Visuals: On a black background, a rectangular blue box is seen rotating around to the right slowly. On each side, there is the stacked chrome text "SVS TRIMUPH" divided by an line, with "SVS" being in a stretched Times New Roman font and "TRIUMPH" in a tall thin font. All sides also have a white border surrounding the frame. As they rotate, a ping always appears on the 1st "S".


  • New Line releases (Suburban Commando, Late for Dinner, etc.), as well as the screener copies of Driving Me Crazy and Spirit of '76, have a flat version with silver text that shimmers and no white border.
  • The screener copies of Robert Kennedy and His Times and Toy Soldiers have a prototype still variant, with the rectangle a shiny dark grey with a blue outline, and the text in a light blue/white gradient mix.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: None.


  • Some tapes that feature this logo are The Gate II: Trespassers, Hangin' with the Homeboys, and at least a screener copy of the cult film Lunatics: A Love Story. It also can be seen on the screener copy of Late for Dinner (the standard version has the New Line variant above).
  • SVS releases that instead use the RCA/Columbia, Columbia TriStar or SVS logos include December, Toy Soldiers, Pastime, Relentless 2: Dead On (the screener copy uses the RCA/Columbia logo while the actual VHS release uses the Columbia TriStar logo), Pale Blood, Blood and Concrete, Driving Me Crazy, American Blue Note, and John Wayne films like The Man from Utah.
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