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In 1987, Karl-Lorimar Home Video was renamed Lorimar Home Video after Stuart Karl resigned from the company due to disputes with his superiors; he died in 1991 from skin cancer. As a result of Karl's resignation, KLV-TV was dropped, and Jerry Gottlieb was named CEO of the company. In 1988, a joint venture with Jim Henson Productions, Jim Henson Play-Along Video, was established. It was folded into Warner Home Video in 1989, when Warner Communications bought out the Lorimar studio.

Logo (1987-1989)

Visuals: Same as the third Karl-Lorimar Home Video logo, but instead the text above the bar reads "LORIMΛR" (and is larger to fit the width of the bar and does not have a 3D look to it) with a trademark symbol next to it.


  • A print version exists at the start of Jane Fonda's Workout videos, where the logo looks exactly like the print Lorimar Television logo, except "HOME VIDEO" replaces "TELEVISION".
  • A short version also exists where the logo starts at the dust forming the "LORIMAR" text.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the third Karl-Lorimar Home Video logo.


  • Can be seen on videos such as several Jane Fonda workout tapes, Housekeeper, Return of the Living Dead Part II, Russkies, Trick or Treat, End of the Line, Nowhere to Hide, Big Shots, In the Mood, Made in Heaven, The Chipmunk Adventure, King Kong Lives, Prettykill, Nobody's Fool, Action Jackson, and Insignificance, among others.
  • It has also been seen on a early 1990s Warner Home Video VHS reissue of Americathon instead of the then-current Warner Home Video logo.
  • The silent variant can be found on some Kideo Video releases.
  • It also showed up on a later reprint of The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, preceded by the WHV "Cheesy Shield" logo with the Warner Communications byline.
  • It also appears on the 1993 UK VHS release of Jane Fonda's Complete Workout from Warner Home Video.
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