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Lionsgate Home Entertainment is the home video distribution arm of Lionsgate Films. At first most of their releases were only released by them in Canada, while in the United States, they licensed their films to Universal Pictures Home Entertainment for home video distribution, with the exception of Dogma being released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, which has distributed its releases since a prior distribution arrangement with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, inherited from Artisan Entertainment, expired following the latter's purchase by Disney in 2019. It is currently the British distributor for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and its sister labels, including 20th, through Elevation Sales, a joint venture with StudioCanal.

1st Logo (1999-2004)

Visuals: Same as its film counterpart from 1998, but "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" is added below the line.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as its film counterpart. On some Canadian releases from that time period such as the VHS releases of Stickin' Around: Volume 2 and Volume 3, it uses the music from the Avalanche Home Entertainment logo with additional sound effects added.

Availability: Appears on mainly Canadian VHS and DVD releases (and later US releases) of Lionsgate material such as Strictly Ballroom, Breakin' the Law, and the first two seasons of The Dead Zone.

  • Makes a strange appearance on the 2001 Platinum Disc DVDs of American Eagle and Merchants of War.
  • It also appears on DIC Home Entertainment DVD releases from 2001-2002. The VHS counterparts use the next two logos.
  • Also makes an appearance on the 2004 Artisan DVD of Step Into Liquid, as it released during the Artisan-Lionsgate transition.

2nd Logo (August 28, 2001-2004?)

Visuals: Same as the 1997 movie logo, except "FILMS" is replaced by "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" and "PRESENTS" is replaced by "A LIONS GATE ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY". Another difference is that all the text fades in at the same time.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the first logo.


  • Appears on the Sabrina, The Animated Series VHS releases Sabrina in Love and Salem's World (the Sabrina's World DVD uses the previous logo) as well as Mummies Alive! (The DVD version also uses the previous logo) which both came out on the same day.
  • It also appeared on the 2004 DVD releases of the horror movie Cement and Quicksand (even though the packaging for that release has Artisan Entertainment logos).
  • It also appears after the DVD menu on the 2001 DVD of Bruiser (the previous logo appears before the menu).

3rd Logo (2001-2006)

Visuals: On a black background, the words "LIONS GATE HOME ENTERTAINMENT" fly in one by one away from the viewer, with stars moving into place while a lion fades in. After that the byline "A LIONS GATE ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" fades in below and the logo shines.

Technique: CGI.


  • A widescreen version exists. This can be seen on some DVD releases.
  • An in-credit still version was seen at the end of The Care Bears Big Wish Movie with white text.

Audio: Several loud whooshes, as well as sparkles and a warbling synth track.

Audio Variants: On The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie and the Barbie films (from The Princess and the Pauper to The Barbie Diaries), the logo is silent.


  • Appears on many LGHE VHS and DVD releases from the era, such as the first two Saw movies, Hail Caesar, the first two seasons of ALF, the Ultimate Editions of the first three Rambo movies, the Special Editions of Air America, Highlander 2, Stir of Echoes, Universal Soldier and Red Heat, Lil' Pimp, Beyond the Sea, Deeply, The Weight of Water, Bully, State Property, Monster's Ball, Confidence, Cube 2: Hypercube, American Psycho II: All American Girl, and The Aristocats.
  • It appears on DIC Home Entertainment VHS releases from 2001-2002. The first three DIC VHS releases from Lions Gate (the Sabrina and Mummies Alive! ones) use the previous logo, and the DVD counterparts all use the first logo.
  • Makes a surprise appearance on the Jakks Pacific one-episode disc of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Hall Monitor" if you look up the disc's files.
  • It doesn't appear on the 2004 DVD of Force of Evil, as that uses the Artisan Entertainment logo instead.

4th Logo (October 5, 2004)

Visuals: A still version of the previous logo is shown, with the text in a slightly different font, and the constellation and byline are in green.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: The end theme to the movie.

Availability: Appears at the end of Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot. It doesn't appear at the end of the North American DVD release.

Final Note

Since Lionsgate changed their logo in 2005, Lionsgate Home Entertainment and Lionsgate Family Entertainment (formerly FHE) has since used the standard film logo as a de-facto home video logo.

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