Goldwyn Home Video

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Logo (Mid-Late 1980s?)

Visuals: On a black background with a few blue bubbles zooming in, supposedly resembling a zooming space background, there is a planet (presumably Jupiter) seen diagonally rotating surrounded with blue glow. Then, a rotating yellow aurora fades next to the planet. Slowly after, the planet fades out, including the blue bubbles, leaving the aurora solo. Then, a bright yellow flash appears and emits to the whole screen which then turns into lavender. A blue silhouette with sparkles can be seen, then it later reveals that it was the words "GOLDWYN HOME VIDEO" in a stacked position with purple lights surrounding it. The background then turns black, and fades to a slow zooming space background. Later, the logo flips out.

Technique: A mixture of what appears to be Scanimate, camera-controlled animation, and slit scan animation.

Audio: A deep choir note being held throughout the logo, then an explosion soundalike. Then, an ascending synth note, leading to an upbeat techno theme, which is "Paso a Paso" by Azul y Negro.

Availability: Seen on every release such as Stevie, The Real Glory and The Proud Level.

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