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ThrillerVideo was a horror home video series that began being released in February 1985 by U.S.A. Home Video and International Video Entertainment (I.V.E.). They mainly released titles hosted by Elvira Mistress of the Dark, among other horror/exploitation titles.

Logo (February 1985-1986)

Visuals: Fading from black, a large stone plaque, which looks more like a clay prop or a cut-out, is seen bolted to a set of bars in the background. The plaque is marquee-shaped, with a large arch containing curled carvings and a skull with a furled brow in the center of it, and the text "THRILLER VIDEO" is carved into it in a odd, Gothic-esque font, along with various chips and cracks all over it. The surrounding area appears to be set in front of a foggy graveyard, with a light haze of it moving throughout the logo.

Variant: On most releases, the plaque is seen as a part of a dark interior, and then the camera pans down to Elvira herself, beginning the tape.

Technique: Live action model work.

Audio: Either the Elvira music or on regular releases, the same music from Sybil Danning's Adventure Video, which in turn was sourced from Killing Machine (AKA: Goma-2), released as part of the latter label.


  • The regular version is only seen on tapes of Hammer House of Horror.
  • The Elvira version is more common and can be found on any release of Thriller Video with her posing on the front cover: some releases include The Cyclops, Witching Time, The Carpathian Eagle, Growing Pains, and Guardian of the Abyss.
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