The Video Late Show

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The Video Late Show was Noel C. Bloom's IVE label for releasing more nostalgic titles, similar to The Nostalgia Merchant. It was later succeeded by King Bee Video.

Logo (1986-1988?)

Visuals: On a zooming starfield background, four white squares arranged in a box shape, each with the Video Late Show logo on it, fly in from the left and rotate a bit. They disappear off the right, and afterward, one square flips in to cover the whole screen. It consists of a box with "VIDEO" above it in black on white and "LATE•SHOW" below in white on black, both in a Art Deco-esque font, with a sleeping gold crescent moon with a star to the right. "'The" in a white cursive font is barely shown near the top left. The byline "DISTRIBUTED BY INTERNATIONAL VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT, INC., AN NCB ENTERTAINMENT GROUP COMPANY" is shown below. The black portions are actually transparent, showing the starfield zooming through them.

Technique: Computer animation, likely done on an Apple II.

Audio: A nostalgic 1920s-esque ragtime tune performed on a synthesizer.

Availability: Can be found on Killer with Two Faces, Murder on the Midnight Express, Joe Palooka, Rock and Roll Call, The Last of the Mohicans, The Soul of R & B, Courage of Black Beauty, The Golden Age of Wrestling, Miss Annie Rooney, Showbiz Ballyhoo, Showbiz Goes to War, Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round, Kung-Fu Massacre, Death Valley Days, Queen Boxer, and Abroad with Two Yanks.

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