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Kitty Media is the hentai subsidiary of Media Blasters. In 2011, they started distributing their works off of Fakku, eventually being bought out by them in 2017. Physical distribution was still maintained by Media Blasters, who eventually regained full control of the label in January 2023.

1st Logo (May 6, 1997-2000)

Visuals: The sequence starts on a gold surface, which zooms out to reveal "Kitty" in gold. Behind it is a red oval which rotates multiple times, whereas the "Kitty" text turns at a 90 degree angle once. Once locked in and zoomed out further enough on a sky background, the logo flips to the other side to reveal a catgirl wearing a bunny suit, thigh-high boots, gloves that reach the upper arms, and a collar with a heart on it. Both the boots and gloves are white, whereas the suit and collar are yellow. The shape rotates 90 degrees clockwise to the left and then another 90 degrees back to the center of the screen, leaving the catgirl on the left hand-side. The letter "K" slides in from the right, with the rest of the letters arriving in the oval from the lower right side of the screen.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Electronic pop music.

Availability: [Examples?]

2nd Logo (2000-2012)

Visuals: The screen fades to the same Milky Way background from the Media Blasters logo of the time, but in dark red and blue. A pink lens flare appears and moves off to the right, while a thick pinkish gold line emerges in the middle of the screen. The line then revolves slowly to the right, revealing that its an oval outline, in which the text "Kitty" in large pink letters slowly pans by the entire screen. Within the pink background, the same catgirl from the previous logo appears except with a lighter skin tone, garter belts, pinkish hair instead of red, and all of her clothing is made of shiny black leather. The image of the catgirl then slowly travels from top to bottom while moving to the left. When the word reaches off screen, the oval border reaches the middle of the screen with bright lens flares, and overtakes the screen. When it passes out, the catgirl is seen to the left while the "Kitty" text, now in a black oval with a pink border flips in while shining off several lights. The background continues to move for several seconds, before it fades to just a pink nebula, before that fades out, and then finally the logo.

Technique: Primarily CGI.

Audio: Same as the Media Blasters logo of the time, but with different corresponding sound effects and a different opening, sounding like an airplane taking off.

Availability: Found in several Media Blasters releases of the time, after the Media Blasters logo.

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