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The Weinstein Company Home Entertainment was formed by The Weinstein Company to release their films on DVD. From 2005 to 2009, their releases were distributed by Genius Products, whose assets were later sold to Vivendi Entertainment in 2009 after their bankruptcy. From 2009 to 2010, Vivendi Entertainment distributed TWC releases. In February 2010, The Weinstein Company made a deal with Sony Pictures to release their DVDs and Blu-rays through Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. However, after The Weinstein Company bought a 25% stake in Starz Distribution in January 2011, their DVD and Blu-ray releases starting from April were distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment. Following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the company was absorbed into Lantern Entertainment in 2018.

Logo (March 21, 2006-2017)

Visuals: Against a black background, a bluish light forms, and three bluish triangles come in from the top, bottom left, and bottom right, joining together in the middle to form the Weinstein Company logo. "THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY" in Chisel Thin Wide, a line, and "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" in Trajan Pro appears below. The light then returns and the text segue into obscurity as the 3 triangles go out of sight. Then, the following words zoom out letter-by-letter:



  • There's a variant where the logo simply fades out after it's done. This was seen on DVDs that have a PSA following this logo, as well as later DVDs and Blu-rays with the grey variant.
  • On releases with previews, as well as on DVDs with PSAs, once the trailer/PSA is over, the logo starts at the light returning.
  • On HD-DVD and most Blu-ray releases, as well as later DVD releases starting in the 2010s, the logo returns to the standard grey color in the movie logo once it's done. HD-DVD and early Blu-ray releases would have the triangles fly away despite no text appearing and then fade out.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the movie logo, with whooshes and two deep synth chords at the end.

Audio Variant: On earlier releases with this logo (before Genius's logos preceded this one), a synthesized string version of the fanfare is heard.

Availability: Appears on many Weinstein Company DVDs distributed by Genius, Vivendi, Sony, and Anchor Bay. Does not appear on their DVD and Blu-ray release of Leap! (a.k.a. Ballerina), which only used the Lionsgate Home Entertainment logo, likely as a consequence of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Legacy: Same as its theatrical compartment.

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