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In 1997, Trimark Holdings Inc. decided to rename its home video unit from Vidmark Entertainment to Trimark Home Video, leaving out its last traces of the former Vidmark legacy. The Kidmark label was folded, and the company expanded to DVD production.

In 2000, Trimark was sold off to Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation. Trimark, along with Studio Home Entertainment and Avalanche Home Entertainment were merged to form the US arm of Lionsgate Home Entertainment in 2001.

Trimark Home Video

Logo (May 13, 1997-August 2001)

Visuals: Same as the short Trimark Pictures logo, but it freeze-frames before "PICTURES" fades in as the grooves in the pyramid sweep with white light and the logo starts to shine. A gold light streak then sweeps in below the logo, revealing "HOME VIDEO" as the entire logo shines a bit before stopping.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A synthesized score with a jungle-like rhythm. Composed by Robert J. Walsh, the same composer as the original film logo.

Availability: Seen on Trimark videos and some DVDs such as Meet Wally Sparks, Cube, Chairman of the Board, The Peacekeeper, All of Me, the Saturday Night Live best of compilations, Mean Guns, and Hercules in New York, among others. Also appeared on a VHS-sourced print of Black Magic Woman on Amazon Instant Video, the 2003 Lions Gate DVD of Kickboxer 2: The Road Back (before the Kings Road logo) and Amazon Prime's print of Heaven's Burning. It's also seen at the end of VHS prints of Nine Inch Nails: Closure.

Trimark DVD

Logo (September 9, 1998-2001)

Visuals: On a black background, many purple triangles with a raised pyramid surface begin to zoom out en masse, filling the background with a triangular pattern as the camera slowly zooms in. Then, segments of a gold triangle zoom out from top to bottom at lightning speed, fitting through an opening within the center of the screen, and the triangles clump together into one large wall that zooms pass the camera, revealing the Trimark Pictures wordmark in gold as well. The letters "DVD" then zoom out onto the blank triangle one by one, and then shine as the background shimmers with the purple triangles.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Deep, ethereal chimes plays throughout, with the sound of a jet engine passing by heard when the triangle zooms out, and a deep hum when the logo is finished.

Availability: It was only used for about three years before Trimark was acquired by Lions Gate, and some releases have the Trimark Home Video logo instead. Some releases that contain this logo are The Tommyknockers, Mean Guns, Cube, The Big Easy, The War Room (1993), and Going Overboard, among others.

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