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Logo (2013-)

Visuals: A brief flash unveils the 3D text with a silver texture "RLJ Entertainment" as it is facing the left and sliding to the right. Shortly after, it zooms out and faces the screen with the lens flare shown between the letters "m" and "e" in "Entertainment". The light slightly turns on and off for the rest of the logo before expanding and covering the whole screen and then dipping to black.


  • Starting in the fall of 2017, the logo has a different opening where it doesn't start with a flash and instead has the text "RLJE Films" scrolling to the left and zooming out. When we reach "Films", a big light burst emerges and changes multiple colors
  • Sometimes, other logos may appear alongside this one.
    • On The Houses October Built, the Image Entertainment logo is shown to the right of the RLJ Entertainment logo and has a light burst behind it.
    • Additionally, there are variants where the Acorn Media and Urban Movie Channel logos appear alongside this logo.

Technique: CGI.


  • First variant: A faint cymbal-like crash at the beginning and quiet ambience noise for the whole logo. A bass hit can be heard when the logo finishes zooming out as well at the end with a different cymbal-like crash when the light expands.
  • Second variant: None.


  • Seen on RLJE's theatrical releases since 2013.
  • The variant with its current name can be seen on Son, late 2010's prints of Naked City, Seance, VOD and home media releases of Shudder releases, among others.
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