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WLRN is the secondary PBS station for Miami.

1st ID (2004?-2009)

Visuals: On an animated white/black gradient background, a green marquee with a white border (a la the Turner Entertainment Co. logo) with "WLRN" in white inside zoom out from the left corner. "A PRODUCTION OF WLRN PUBLIC TELEVISION" and "miami - fort lauderdale" fade in below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A synth swell followed by four piano notes and a final piano chord. An announcer says "The following program is a production of WLRN public television."

Availability: Seen on ArtStreet Miami episodes of the time.

2nd ID (2007-2015)

Station ID (2007-2008)

2007-2012? opening variant

2007-2012? closing variant

With Miami-Dade County Public Schools logo

2008-2015 (Spanish)

2008-2015 (Spanish, with byline)


2009-2013 longer variant

2009-2013 Presentation variant


  • 2007-2012?: (ArtStreet Miami only?): On an slightly cloudy rotating aurora blue/green starfield, an object spins quickly. It is actually the same marquee from the previous logo, but capsule/tablet-shaped and with a transparent glass look, and is extended to make room for the PBS Circle P-Head logo on the right. The byline "A production of WLRN" appears via a shining effect. A circle of light begins to shrink into the Circle P-Head. It then releases it, thus causing the finished product (except the byline) to ripple a little bit as it passes through.
  • 2008-2015: (Spanish only): Same as the normal version, but the marquee zooms out like the previous logo instead, the marquee flashes, the camera slowly zooms out, and the logo is bylineless. Sometimes, though, it has "Miami - Fort Lauderdale" as the byline.
  • 2009-2013: The same animation as the Spanish version, but shorter, and the marquee does not have the PBS logo. Also the byline reads "A Production of WLRN". Very similar to the earlier version except 3/4 of the words in the byline are capitalized.


  • Station ID's had a slightly different background without clouds and with streaks and was also 2:35:1:
    • 2007-2008: The logo was still, "miami-ft. lauderdale" is used, the circle of light is missing, all the letters in the byline are lowercase, and only the background animated.
    • 2007?-20??: The logo is animated, but without rippling, and the byline simply fades in.
  • Another variant has the same thing as the station ID's, but shifted up and below fades in the logo for Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
  • A longer variant of the 2009 version exists. The marquee has the PBS logo and one of the two times it was used, "Presentation" replaced "Production".

Technique: 3D CGI.


  • 2007-2012?:
    • Opening: A THX-like sounder: first some wind chimes, followed by a rising synth, culminating into a single chord, with some warbling noises, and an echoing swoosh. The same female announcer from the previous logo says "The following program is a production of WLRN."
    • Closing: Same as the opening, but the announcer says "The preceding was a production of WLRN public television."
  • 2007-2015:
    • Spanish: A techno-esque rendition of the previous logo, but without any announcer.
    • English: A shorter version of the theme.

Audio Variants:

  • On the early station ID, it had a looped variant of the earlier 2007 version.
  • The later station ID had the first and middle portions of the 2007-2015 theme looped, and without the swoosh.
  • On the variant with the Miami-Dade County Public Schools logo, an announcer is heard saying "This is a presentation of WLRN public television and Miami-Dade County Public Schools."

Availability: Seen on WLRN-produced programs and as a station ID at the time. The 2007 version was seen on ArtStreet Miami, while other programs use the previous logo. The Spanish version was used until 2015.

3rd ID (2012-)

Visuals: There are two versions that are listed by abundancy:

  • On a gray/white gradient background, there is a different WLRN marquee being put together. This time the marquee, has a skyline of Miami at sunset/rise, complete with buildings and a palm tree. At the top is "WLRN" in the same font from the two previous logos. At the right bottom corner is "HD" in the same font, but smaller. Other than that, the only difference is that the marquee is flatter and silver. The word "Miami" in a yellow cursive font then writes itself in under the right side of the marquee. At the same time, the letters "A PRODUCTION OF" in silver move onto the top of the marquee and the text and the marquee shine.
  • There is the marquee zooming out and being drawn from the inside. Once it's complete, it halts. There is no text above, and "Miami" writes itself in, as per usual. The background is a bit darker.


  • There is the marquee revealed by a lot of multicolored glass objects (including circles). The marquee is now more capsule shaped like the previous logo, and zooms out and halts. "An Original Production of " fades in below, and "Miami" writes itself in. The background is even darker.
  • There's only the marquee, with no movement. "MIAMI-FORT LAUDERDALE-FLORIDA KEYS" moves onto the bottom of the marquee. "Miami", however, is absent.

Technique: CGI, which ranges from being in 2D to 3D.

Audio: A relaxing flute, drum and guitar tune, with five guitar notes. The duration varies. It may be extended with another tune, or be longer at the beginning, and stop suddenly, with an echo. Here are some versions:

  • Opening: The same announcer from the previous logo says "The following program is a production of WLRN public television, and is made possible by viewers like you." This may be cut to the first half, or without music, or both.
  • Closing: Same as the opening but the announcer says "The preceding program was a production of WLRN public television, and was made possible by viewers like you."
  • There is also a version without the announcer, also used on the variant. For the variant, there was also a version where the music was longer and out of sync and the narrator emphasis effect was present (fading in and out for the narration) despite the lack of the announcer, which must've been an editing error.
  • The drums may be missing for the second main version.
  • There is also a version where the music fades out before the announcer says "The following program is an original production of WLRN public television."

Availability: Seen on WLRN-produced programs at the time such as Deep City: The Birth of the Miami Sound. The variant is seen on Big Cypress National Preserves.