PBS Hawai'i

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KHET-TV started broadcasting on April 15, 1966, located in Honolulu, Hawaii. KMEB started in September 27 of that year, in Wailuku, Hawaii. They were known as Hawaii Educational Television, and in 1970, Hawaii Public Television. The moniker PBS Hawai'i was assumed in 2003.

ID (1970's-1983?)

Visuals: On a black background, two orange lines zoom in, with trails following behind them. They then swing close like two doors to reveal a strange design. The design fades to white, with red and orange filling the spaces in the design. "HAWAII PUBLIC TELEVISION" also appears below.

Technique: Choppy 1970's scanimation.

Audio: An announcer saying "The following program is a production of KHET-TV in Honolulu, Hawaii Public Television."

Availability: Check some cooking show tapes for this logo.

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