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HSV-7 is the Melbourne station of the Seven Network. It launched in 1956 to coincide with the Melbourne Olympic Games.

1st ID (1981)

Visuals: There is the Melbourne skyline, with the background tinted red. Scanimated circles (which are a lighter version of the background color) converge to the center of the screen. The 7 logo (this time in wireframe) appears with the circle zooming out.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: A male choir singing "Melbourne, you're a part of us, Seven is a part of you!" along with a soft-rock sounder.

2nd ID (1981)

Visuals: There is various shots of Melbourne. Then, there is a shot of Seven Network's truck. Finally, there is the Melbourne skyline with the Seven Network logo forming.

Variant: On the Channel Nine Christmas Tape, stock explosions are shown throughout many of the footage shown, and at the end, the text


shown in a 3D-like downwards perspective form fades in below the Seven Network logo. Afterwards, an explosion appears at the seven, and the background abruptly transforms into a starry space background, containing the number "9" shining.

Technique: Live action footage and cel animation. For the variant, the technique also has computer animation.

Audio: The extended version of the song from the previous ident.

Audio Variant: For the aforementioned variant, the audio plays as normal, which is followed by numerous explosion sounds. At the end, the explosion sound repeats and fades.

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