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Global Television Network (commonly known as Global or occasionally Global TV) is a Canadian English language television network.

1st ID (1974-1984)

Visuals: On a black background, 4 ribbons fly up from the bottom of the screen and then spin around forming a G. The name zoom out one by one into the middle of the G with a trail effect and zoom back in as the G flies around and goes back to the bottom of the screen.


  • A short version exists where it starts from the text zooming out.
  • During the sign-off, it does the same as the variant above, but it skips the zooming in part and the ribbon exits differently, where it goes back, then forward to cover the screen.

Technique: The ribbons and text. [possible misuse]

Audio: The next logo's music, or a different instrumental tune, usually with a voiceover on top of it.

Audio Variant: During the sign-off, a soft-rock track by Tommy Ambrose is played.

2nd ID (1977-1984)

Visuals: The text "Hey Global" appears on the screen and glows, then it zooms in out of the screen, then the "Watcha got" text appears in similar fashion. It cuts to the Global logo, which expands and compresses. It glows again before the text "Global's got it" appears below.

Variant: A short version exists where it starts when the G compresses.

Technique: The text, and the ribbon. Traditional Scanimate animation, done by Image West. [possible misuse]

Audio: An upbeat rock tune called "Global's Got It".

3rd ID (1979-1984)

Visuals: Golden streaks form an outlined version of the G and disappear. The G fills in with colour and streaks wipe in the name. The G and name then finally zoom in.

Technique: The streaks. [possible misuse]

Audio: A different upbeat synth tune with a voice saying "So much brighter, so much better, Global's got it!".

4th ID (1980-1984)

Visuals: 4 rainbow streaks fly across and go in a spiral to form a distorted rainbow version of the G. The name zooms out and streaks make the G red and make the proportions right.

Technique: The streaks. [possible misuse]

Audio: A trumpet tune.

5th ID (1982-1984)

Visuals: A grid is seen tilting forward with name flying. A TV screen is seen from distance and name goes through it. The name tilts forward and a red shape zooms out revealing it's the G. The logo has a shine on one of the tips.

Technique: The grid, name, and G. [possible misuse]

Audio: A variety of pop tracks are used, with a voiceover on top of it.

6th ID (1984-1987)

Visuals: The name zooms out on a black-blue gradient background. A dark G also zooms out and flashes white, fading to red, and the name fades out. The G shines.

Technique: Camera-controlled animation.

Audio: An upbeat rock tune with all instruments.

7th ID (1980s-1987?) (No footage currently exists)

Visuals: The G in silver rotates into place and streaks wipe in the name which zooms in.

Technique: The G. [possible misuse]

Audio: Unknown.

8th ID (1985-1987)

Visuals: Same as the Dark G ID, but there are some major differences:

  • There are stars falling down with trails.
  • The background has coral pink added to the bottom, which scrolls away.
  • The name is in gold and drops down with the stars.
  • The G is gold and flashes into a slight brighter shade of red.

Technique: CGI.y Omnibus Computer Graphics.

Audio: Same as the Dark G ID or a sombre piano tune.

Legacy: The piano tune may get to some.

9th ID (1987-1995)

Visuals: The text "Global" and "Global Television Network" in different fonts and sizes move in different directions in the background while a rainbow appears. The rainbow reveals itself as the G logo before turning red and moving to the centre of the screen.


  • In the logo's final year, the "CANWEST GLOBAL SYSTEM" text is added in the background and on the finished logo.
  • If an area's transmitter requires technical maintenance, the text "Due to necessary technical maintenance, Global Television will go off the air in some areas." is present.

Technique: CGI.or the late 80s.

Audio: A saxophone theme ending with an 9-note fanfare.

Audio Variant: There is a second arrangement without the saxophone, and is used during the morning.

10th ID (1991-1995)

Visuals: On top of a black/blue smoky background, the text "Global" and "TELEVISION NETWORK" on cylinders rotate clockwise and the stars and the inside cylinder rotate counterclockwise. They move up once more coloured cylinders rotate into place and form the G logo. The logo turns red and moves to the centre of the screen, with the "CANWEST GLOBAL SYSTEM" logo appearing below.

Technique: CGI.rom the early 90s.

Audio: A saxophone theme ending with an 9-note fanfare.

Audio Variant: There is a second arrangement without the saxophone.

11th ID (1995-1997)

Visuals: On top of a black/blue background, a white G rolls erractically, with other G's and rings moving in the background. Rings then merge with the G, turning it red and rotates into its regular position. The big "GLOBAL" text then appears.


  • Sometimes, a brown background is used instead of the regular blue one.
  • Sometimes, the text "CANWEST" and "SYSTEM" appear along with the "GLOBAL" text.

Technique: CGI.rom the early 90s, done by Arcca Animation.

Audio: The same theme as the last logo, but in a different key.

12th ID (1997-August 31, 2001)

Visuals: At the end of each ident, they transition into a new Global logo, which is the text "Global", with a red crescent below it.


  • Globe: On a black background, a red and orange globe (a la the 1997 BBC One "Balloon" idents) rotates and fades into the Global logo.
  • World: An aurora shines over a globe which zooms out and fades into the Global logo.
  • Fruits: On a black background, there is an apple stretch, then the apple bounces on an orange background with 2 green pairs then it goes to a blue background with more fruit (apples, pears, peaches, and bananas) and it goes back to an orange background with just the red apple in the beginning, changing the background to black and the apple stretches and morphs into the 1997 Global logo.
  • Fish: An orange fish in a bubble appears on the screen. The fish leaves the bubble and more different fish appear and move around. The same orange fish moves back into the bubble which fades into the Global logo.
  • Flowers: A vanilla flower's stem appears and the camera zooms out, revealing more flowers. They zoom out and form the stem which turns into the Global logo.
  • Loon: A loon floats on top of an ocean. It dives underwater with more loons appearing. The final loon swims into the shape of the crescent of the Global logo.
  • Butterfly: A butterfly flies over flowers. On the next shot, the flowers turn into butterflies, and the orange butterfly flies off the screen, uncovering the Global logo.
  • Artifacts: A wooden face flies out of the screen, uncovering swimming wooden sharks. The next shot fades in where there is a totem pole and a swimming fish. The camera moves through the eye of a mask, and a raven beak mask is seen. The beak opens in quarters revealing another face, which opens and lets out a light which forms the Global logo.
  • Flags: Maple leaves appear and fly all over the screen and some turn into flags of Canada's provinces. A single maple leaf then wipes the screen and forms the Global logo.
  • Countdown: A count-up to 6 appears on the screen, then multiple count-ups and count-downs appear. A countdown from 10 to 1 then appears and after the countdown is finished, the Global logo appears on the screen.
    • There is a second variant of this ident where except for the "0" and Global screens, the colours are inverted.
  • Sailboat: Sails move through water, then the one in red and white morphs into the Global logo.
  • Fireworks: Some fireworks go off, then after last one disappears, which is red, it cuts into the Global logo.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: It varies depending on the ident, and they end with a new 6-note sounder (except Globe, World, and Sails).

Audio Variants:

  • Sometimes, an announcer will say "Closed Captioning of this program is brought to you by Global.".
  • On the inverted version of the Countdown ident, some instruments are absent.

13th ID (September 1, 2001-2004)

Visuals: These idents revolve around two people doing various things, and all incorporate the Global logo.


  • A man on the right of the Global logo deflects incoming red balls. He disappears, then a lady on the left of it appears and throws balls in different places. Three of the balls has faces of TV show characters, and another has the text "Global's got it". The same man from earlier crawls out of the ball in the middle, then everything fades to the Global logo on a red background.
    • There is a special variant of this ident to promote CHAN-TV's affiliate change from BCTV to Global. The BCTV logo replaces the first Global logo in the beginning, and all of the faces and the tagline are removed. At the finished logo, the text "BCTV goes Global September 1" appears below.
  • Two people have a high five with circles in the background doing different patterns. Circles with faces of TV show characters appear, and after the third one, the text "Global's got it!" appears, and a ball appears from the left, and the Global logo appears.
  • A man lifts a ball, then lets go of it and the balls do a Newton's cradle. Faces of TV show characters appear on the middle one. After a while, the two outer balls merge with the middle one, and the Global logo appears.
  • People do acrobatic moves on the letters of the Global logo, which is shown more and more each shot until the finished logo.
  • A man stands on the "o" of the "go" text while the "g" slides down into place. The man then draws the crescent of the logo before jumping off the "o" and everything zooms out while the "go" text zooms out of the screen.
  • Squares containing footage of people appear and the camera focuses on the middle one, then the squares zoom in and a second set of squares is seen. The outer squares zoom in out of the screen. The middle one rotates then the outer squares zoom back in again. The people in the squares disappear and the Global logo appears in the middle square's place. It debuted in 2003.
  • On top of a black box with 5 instances of the text "Global's got it!", 3 circles roll to the left. A woman jumps on them, each one revealing faces of TV show characters, and after she lands, dizzy, the camera pans up, the text disappears and the Global logo appears.
  • The Global graphics zoom out into the middle of the test pattern while in the TV screen's point of view, the woman turns it off. A man who is juggling is seen, then the Global logo is seen again. It fades into a shot of a bottom-up view of the Global logo, then a lady pulls the logo into the centre of the test pattern before taking another look. This ident is used for sign-offs and sign-ons, and it was debuted in 2003.

Technique: The red circles, and the animated people. A combination of live action and 2D and 3D CGI. [possible misuse]

Audio: It varies, and ends with the 6-note fanfare.

14th ID (2004-2005)

Visuals: Unknown.

Variants: Unknown.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Unknown.

Audio Variant: Unknown.

15th ID (2005-February 4, 2006)

Visuals: Unknown.

Variants: Unknown.

Technique: Unknown.

Audio: Unknown.

Audio Variant: Unknown.

16th ID (February 5, 2006-2011)

Visuals: In various scenarios, the ribbon and text move in different ways until two red ribbons merge and create the finished logo.


  • In the logo's later years, it has been modernized with a 3D ribbon, keeping the signature animation, but also adding on the Shaw Media logo at the end.
  • This ident package exists in both dark and light variants.

Technique: The text and ribbons. Simple, but effect 2D animation. [possible misuse]

Audio: An electro theme with a new 2-note sounder. Like the previous logos, the music may vary.

Audio Variant: The Shaw Media variant has a male voice saying "You're watching Global, part of Shaw Media." during the music.

17th ID (2011-2012)

Visuals: A Global logo appears on the screen before disappearing during a flurry of blades, which transitions into the animated Shaw logo.

Technique: The logos, and the blades. [possible misuse]

Audio: The music from the Coming Next bumper of the time with the 2-note sounder, with a male announcer saying "You're watching Global. Part of Shaw.".

18th ID (2012-2013)

Visuals: On a red, fiery background, the ribbon disappears, then reappears and moves to the right uncovering the Global text, then a new animated Shaw logo appears.

Technique: The logos and the background. [possible misuse]

Audio: Same as the last logo.

Legacy: This was the final time the electro theme was used before the 2013 rebrand.

19th ID (2013-2016)

Visuals: In indescribable ways, the ribbon duplicates itself, does a lot of movements, and/or explodes into more ribbons. After all that is done, the red ribbon moves into its normal place and the text appears from inside of it.


  • A "Part of Shaw" variant exists, where there are ribbons in either green, purple, or red in the background, and the Global logo does what it usually does before a transition to the Shaw logo.
  • A montage of variants of this ident is used during the sign-off.

Technique: CGI.y BDA Creative.

Audio: As always, the music varies.

Audio Variants:

  • During the montage, a metro jazz track called Soho Sound by Daril S. is played.
  • For the "Part of Shaw" variant, different music is heard, with the same "You're watching Global. Part of Shaw." as the last two logos, followed by two chimes (Shaw's mnemonic from 2012-19).

Legacy: This design was used for Global News bumpers and the channel Global News BC1 from 2013 to fall 2022, but the ribbons in the background are coloured blue.

20th ID (2016-2020)

Visuals: A clear Global logo appears and black and white spheres flow through it. The white spheres regenerate until the text turns completely white.

Trivia: This logo was made to fit the Corus purchase of Shaw's media division.

Technique: The text, and the spheres. [possible misuse]

Audio: A magic theme.

21st ID (2020-)

Visuals: The ribbon moves to the left, uncovering the Global text.


  • There is a special variant made for Pride Month. The rainbow forms a heart which turns into the ribbon logo and uncovers the Global text.
  • The sign-off has the logo play repeatedly.

Technique: The logo. [possible misuse]

Audio: A drone theme.

Audio Variants:

  • On the Pride Month variant, a rock theme is used.
  • During the sign-off, an acoustic guitar tune plays over the logo.

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