Iowa PBS

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Iowa PBS is the statewide PBS member network serving Iowa with nine stations. It began as KDIN-TV on April 27th, 1959. On February 8th, 1970, with the launch of KIIN-TV, it became the Iowa Educational Broadcasting Network (IEBN). Later, in 1976, it became the Iowa Public Broadcasting Network (IPBN). In 1982, it became Iowa Public Television (IPTV). Recently, on January 1st, 2020, coinciding with the PBS rebrand, the network's name changed to Iowa PBS.

Iowa Educational Broadcasting Network

Logo (February 8, 1970-1976)

Visuals: On a black background, a white and multicolored camera shutter-like symbol zooms in, then the screen cuts to the words "Iowa", "Educational", "Broadcasting", and "Network" one-by-one and the symbol again. The text "IEBN" later appears and moves to the right, while the symbol moves to the left. Finally, two white squares appear and "IEBN" becomes black.

Technique: Motion-controlled camera animation.

Audio: A marching-like drum fanfare with synthesized notes at the end.

Iowa Public Broadcasting Network

Logo (1976-1982)

Visuals: On a purple background is the text "FRIENDS OF IPBN" in an orange-yellow color with a black outline.

Technique: None. [possible misuse]

Audio: An announcer saying "Major funding for this program was provided by a grant from Friends of IPBN."

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

Iowa Public Television

1st Logo (1982-1998)

Visuals: On any background is the big word "Friends", and under that are the words "Iowa Public Television". Next to the words is a circle in any color, with repeating split curves.


  • 1982-1985/1986:
    • From 1982-1985/1986, the logo fades in and takes place on a black background, the big word "Friends" and the words "Iowa Public Television" are in white, both the circle with the repeating split curves are in blue, and all of it stays still for 8 seconds before the logo fades out.
    • There is a local ID version which has the word "Iowa Public" and the word "Television" below in white, the circle and the repeating split curves are both in red, and all of it are at the top of a black background. Under them are the network's main stations (all beginning with the letter K, and ending with "IN" (standing for Iowa Network) colored in yellow, except the numbers are colored in white, including:
      • KDIN. Des Moines 11
      • KRIN. Waterloo 32
      • KIIN. Iowa City 12
      • KTIN. Fort Dodge 21
      • KYIN. Mason City 24
      • KSIN. Sioux City 27
      • KBIN. Council Bluffs 32
      • KHIN. Red Oak 36
    • There is also a version that takes place in a sunset over a farm and has the word "Iowa Public Television" with the circle and the repeating split curves in white and at the bottom of the screen.
  • 1986-1998: Unknown.

Technique: None from 1982 to 1987. 2D CGI from 1987 to 1998.

Audio: A voice-over saying "Major funding for this program was provided by Friends of Iowa Public Television."

Availability: Seen on IPTV programming at that time, including Iowa Press.

2nd Logo (2015-December 31, 2019)

Visuals: On a black background, the words "Iowa Public Television" and the PBS logo spin in. After that animation, the text "" (the station's former URL) wipes in. Then, the logo shines.

Technique: 2D CGI.

Audio: Some whooshing sounds.

Availability: Seen on IPTV programming at that time, including The Woodsmith Shop.

Iowa PBS

Logo (January 1, 2020-)

Visuals: The sequence begins with the current PBS slide-in effect, which then lands on a white background. The words "EDUCATE" and "INFORM" slide in. Then, the words "ENRICH" and "INSPIRE" slide into their places. After that, the PBS logo zooms out, and "IOWA" and "PBS" slide out of it.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A generic PBS theme.

Availability: Seen on current programming, or used as a station ID.