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Plus was a digital channel run by Granada Sky Broadcasting. It was launched on 1 October 1996 under the original name of Granada Plus, and during its availability it underwent successive rebrands as G Plus, G+ and then simply Plus. However, it remained widely referred to by the public at large by its original name. On 1 November 2004, it was permanently closed down by ITV plc in an attempt to bring its replacement, ITV3, on Sky.

1st ID (1996-1998)

Visuals: Unknown

Variant: Sometimes, three people walk at the left of the finished logo. The person at the front then points at the logo.

Technique: Unknown

Audio: A whoosh-like sound followed by a synth tune, and an announcer saying "Granada Plus". Then a 4-note piano tune followed by a drumbeat.

Availability: The only way to see this now is at YouTube and/or TVArk.

2nd ID (1998-1999)

Visuals: On a black background, smoke appears, revealing the sky and a magenta circle with a uppercase "G" inside it. After the sky is fully revealed, "plus" fades in below the circle.

Variant: There is a variant of the ident, where a man with a remote controller appears on a black/yellow gradient background. The person aims at the camera with the remote controller and presses the power button, and then the screen blurs while the logo appears via "static" effect.

Technique: The smoke revealing the sky and the logo, "plus" fading in. For the variant, live-action, the screen blurring and the logo appearing. [possible misuse]

Audio: An electronic tune starting with descending notes. On the variant, a funky theme is used. The announcer follows in both versions.

Availability: See the previous logo.

3rd ID (1999-2002)

Visuals: On a background of color lights, there is a spinning circle with a border. The Plus sign is seen inside the circle. Particles are seen flying and rotating behind it.


  • There are some variants where the color scheme is different.
  • There is also a Christmas variant, where the particles are replaced by snowflakes.

Technique: The background, the spinning and flying. [possible misuse]

Audio: Unknown

Availability: See the previous logo.

4th ID (2002-2004)

Visuals: On an orange background, there is a cyan ball with a plus sign inside. The ball bounces and moves around.

Technique: The ball bouncing/moving around. [possible misuse]

Audio: A whistling sound, then a long synth note. A bouncing sound and a short whoosh is also heard at the beginning. The announcer then talks.

Availability: See the previous logo.

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