JOQI-DTV (Kumamoto Kenmin TV)

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Kumamoto Kenmin TV (KKT for short) is a Japanese television company that broadcasts the station JOQI-TV on the Kumamoto prefecture of Japan. They first aired in March 1982.

ID (1982-2006)

Visuals: On a space background, three red lines swirl around from the edges from the screen and meet at their centers. As they rotate, they flip out of frame before becoming an red outline of Japan flipping in. The outline then zooms towards the lower left area of it, flashing twice as it goes on. The map then fades out except for the area closest to the screen as a grid forms of the Kumamoto prefecture and stretches over the screen. The background then fades to black as "flames" rise up from the bottom of the screen. They wipe away to reveal green lines waving around, in which those move away as sparkles rain down across the screen. All three effects then reappear in three sections as a cut-out of the logo at the time, a red "KKT" with the second "K" having green and blue as well, appear before filling in with the colors and U-turning towards the screen on a space background. The logo then fills with multicolored lines and fades to those lines, in which there are several shots of them in different patterns. On the final pattern shot, the same cut-out, but on a white background, fades in again and fills in again. The logo then zooms out as a box appears and the text "くまもと県民テレビ" flips in below the logo.

Technique: Scanimation.


  • During startups, the jingle of the company, called "Live On Fire" was heard. The station still uses this jingle to this day and there are even extended and karaoke versions that were distributed via cassette tape, both of which can be heard here.
  • During closedowns, a gentle piano version of the same jingle was heard.

Variant: In 2000, when KKT began simulcasting with NNN24 at midnight instead of closing down on certain days, KKT shortened the length of the startup from two and a half minutes to just one minute.

Availability: Seen on startups and closedowns from the station at that period.

Legacy: Some people may not like the psychedelic effects, but it's a calming logo and a favorite of most TV viewers of the region.

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