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WILL-TV is a PBS member station located in Urbana, Illinois.

ID (1980-1988)

Visuals: On a segmented purple background, there is a cyan "12" zooming out and disappearing in the background. The background zooms out to reveal the first "L" in "WILLtv" in a Belwe Bold font, which zooms out to the center on a gray-black gradient background with "channel 12" under "WILLtv". "channel 12" glows after, while "Urbana" and "The Broadcasting Services of the University of Illinois" fade in under it. "WILLtv" glows, then "channel 12" glows again. It repeats 4 times and gets faster.

Variants: On local shows, we just have "WILLtv" zooming out and "channel 12" is replaced by "presents".

Technique: Analog computer animation by Alpha Cine.

Audio: A dreamy and mellow synth theme. Local shows have an announcer saying "(show) is a local production of WILL-TV, Channel 12." or a short version of the dreamy theme.

Availability: Seen on local programs, like Talking Point. The long version was probably only used as a station ID. The local production logo with a short version of the long version's theme was from The Dickson Mounds Controversy.

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