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France 2 is the flagship public TV channel owned by France Télévisions. France 2 was launched in 1992 after then-struggling TV networks FR3 and Antenne 2 merged to create the group after french TV network TF1's privatisation in 1987, and under pressure from other competitors.

1st Logo (September 7, 1992-1995)

Visuals: The ident consists of several sequences that are either fully shown or shown in half with text on the other half. First, it shows the texts "dring" and then "Youpi", the channel's children block, with a lion at the end, with a "gr" later appearing on the side of the screen. It then shows sequences of people with the words "we", "you" and "all", followed by a man with a note on the other half saying "qui?", the news ident with the logo, a weather report, noted with a °C, followed by several live-action sequences. Later, we see two clips on men with a microphone, with the other halves of the screen showing words such as "do", "si" and "la". We later see a man running towards us with the words "public" and "it" being shown at the right. We then see footage of sports events while the words "top" and "chrono" show up. It is then followed by more live-action footage before devolving into more random sequences with even more random symbols (such as " "). We then see announcers speaking, while on the other half of the screen, the word "scoop" shows up, cut in half. It then later cuts to footage of a man jumping to obtain a key, while the word "fort" shows up on the other half. It then devolves into even more random sequences cropped in half, with text and with live-action footage on the other half of the screen, More live-action footage is then shown. At the end, after a bit more of those sequences, the ident ends with with the France 2 logo from the time (a giant "2" with the text "France" in white on the bottom of it) on a white background, which fades away.

Technique: 2D computer animation mixed with live-action footage. Done by Ostra Delta and Gédéon.

Audio: A theme tune that includes drums, a beatbox, an accordion, an electric guitar, opera singing and an acoustic guitar. It is occasionally accompanied by dialogue being spoken.

Availability: The logo was resurrected in the 2017 commercial jingle for France 2.

2nd Logo (1998-2002)

Visuals: There is a sliding puzzle in action, with its parts moving to form the France 2 logo from the time against a gray background. It then scrambles itself into its initial position.

Technique: 2D computer animation by Gédéon.

Audio: A techno rhythm with some violin notes, which repeats throughout the ident.

Availability: This was used when there was no transmission signal.

3rd Logo (1999-2000)

Visuals: The screen is split horizontally, and the parts are slightly colored differently. On the screen, there are dancers performing different types of arts. At the top middle of the screen, there is a white rectangle with a "2", which fades to the word "PUB". Sometimes, this is averted.

Variants: There are many variants made for this ident. Here are a few examples:

  • The left half of the screen is black, while the right half is white. Both sections have a reflective surface. At the left of the screen, multiple people in white clothing bounce on a big, cloudy object, and people in black clothing do acrobats at the right of the screen.
  • The screen is flipped upside down. On a light gray background, two men dressed in black walk in from the left and the right of the screen respectively. They use their hands on the square to look like they're upside down.
  • The left half of the screen is dodger blue, while the right half is cyan. There are two clones of a woman dressed in black. The clone at the left begins to dance around, while the other clone does exercise. The clones then merge, and the footage of the right clone plays in reverse for a brief time.
  • The left half of the screen is lime, while the right half is yellow. There are two men, with one of them in generic clothing, and the other in fully white clothing, on swings, pretending to dance around.

Technique: Live-action from French design agency Gédéon, and choreography directed by Philippe Decouflé.

Audio: Depends on the variant.

4th Logo (2002-2006)

Visuals: On a white background is the France Télévisions logo from the time. The text disappears, multiple more quadrilaterals appear in the background, and the four main quadrilaterals rotate as they move towards the screen, turn red, and merge together into a single trapezoid with a white "2" in it. The quadrilaterals in the background then fade away, and "présente" appears below the logo.

Technique: 2D CGI again, Done by a French-agency, Gédéon.

Audio: A clicking-like sound, followed by a swooshing sound and a short synth tune.

5th Logo (2002-2009)

Visuals: There is a scene where a humorous illusion takes place. The word "publicité" with the France 2 logo beside it is on the right side of the screen.

Later Variant: In 2008, the logo was moved to the bottom and the text was changed to say "france 2 publicité" (with the "2" as the France 2 logo).

Technique: Live-action from Gédéon, the same design agency who created the 1992-1999 idents throughout.

Audio: A calm theme with a voice singing a 5-note tune. This may change slightly depending on the variant.

6th Logo (2006-2008)

Visuals: Against a maroon background, a white square rotates and flies by towards the right of the screen. A light then flashes, and a 3D model of the France 2 logo from the time appears in the background, and the "2" transitions to a red background where the 2D version of the logo is. "france" and "présente" then appear, spaced between the logo.

Technique: CGI by Gédéon.

Audio: Either of these:

  • A romantic violin sting followed by a ding sound.
  • A swooshing sound accompanied by an electronic sting.

7th Logo (2008-2010)

Visuals: On a black background, five squares with different colors flip in, representing the five channels of France Télévisions, respectively from left to right. The scene then fades to a close-up view of the squares flipping and turning red. The scene then fades to a background with a dim red light at the top right of the screen, with a square at the center forming the France 2 logo from the time as "france" and "présente" pop up from it.

Technique: CGI by Gédéon, who would only do the 2008-2010 idents.

Audio: An eight-note electronic tune, followed by a piano note, along with a reversed, higher-pitched one. The sounds are accompanied by swooshing sounds.

8th Logo (2010-2011)

Visuals: Against a dark blue background, five differently colored lights zoom towards the screen, representing the five channels of France Télévisions, respectively from left to right. They then fly away from the screen, fly to the right, and fuse together to form the France 2 logo from the time. The background color turns red, as "france" and "présente" pop up from and settle spaced between the logo.

Technique: CGI by Ultimatum, who would continue on the 2009-2018 idents.

Audio: Same as the previous logo.

9th Logo (2009-2011?)

Visuals: There are two different scenes split in half of different people going on with their daily lives. As the people meet in one location, the scenes merge into one scene.

Technique: Live-action. Again by Ultimatum.

Audio: An electric guitar tune that depends on the variant, ranging from calm to happy-themed, each having a six-note jingle at the end.

10th Logo (2014-2016)

Visuals: A flash flies by diagonally to split a red background to show multiple parallelograms colored red, salmon, and white. The camera passes by them, and another flash flies by to form the France 2 logo from the time at the center of the screen, as well as spawning more thick lines ranging in a different type of red color under it. "france" and "présente" then pop up from the lines to settle spaced between the logo.

Technique: A mix of CGI and traditional animation. Done by Ultimatum.

Audio: Same as the 7th and 8th logos.

11th Logo (2016-January 28, 2018)

Visuals: A red screen splits in half diagonally, unveiling two more layers of the screen, one of which is already split in half. The light from the trapezium dies down, revealing the "2". "france" and "présente" then fade in, spaced between the logo.

Technique: CGI also done by Ultimatum.

Audio: A reversed piano note, followed by a choir and a higher-pitched piano note.

Audio/Variant: An electronic piano note, followed by a violin tune.

12th Logo (January 29, 2018-)

Visuals: Over live-action footage, a red dot pops up at the left of the screen, and a white "2" fades in and slides from the dot slightly. "publicité" also fades in next to the "2".


  • There are variants where a person in a live-action scenario walks in and smiles at the screen. The person then touches the screen, making it ripple.
  • Christmas variants exist where the ripples consist of a flashing Christmas symbol and a red outlined circle. Multiple Christmas-styled spheres in red, white, and gold then fly past different sides of the screen.
  • There is a variant where several people help a kid get up from the ground on a sidewalk.
  • A variant exists where there are two women (one of them being in blue clothing and the other being in black clothing) playing table tennis at their backyard. The woman in black clothing loses, and the woman in blue clothing walks up to the camera and touches the screen, making it ripple. Both women in the background then hug each other.

Technique: A combination of 2D computer animation and live-action. Done by Movement, who also did the 2018 rebrand of the France Télévisions.

Audio: A guitar tune with hand snapping sounds and a small choir singing a four-note tune.

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