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KPTS is a PBS affiliate located in Wichita, Kansas.

1st (known) Logo (1980)

Visuals: On a brown circular gradient background (the center is beige and on the bottom right, almost looking like a sun), there are two stray strands of wheat, both at different angles. White Helvetica Bold Italic text appears that says "A Presentation Of...". It says on screen for a few seconds before being replaced by smaller text that reads "kansas public telecommunications service, inc." with each word stacked on top of each other. This text then turns away to reveal the KPTS symbol of the time, with WICHITA in the same Helvetica Bold Italic font below.

Technique: Live-action with chyron effects.

Audio: An announcer that says "A presentation of the Kansas Public Telecommunications Service. KPTS, Wichita."

Availability: This logo was resurfaced, and is only known to be used for a year.

2nd ID (1981-1982)

Visuals: The sequence opens to late evening footage of a farm windmill spining rapidly on a windy rural Kansas farm. The same "kansas public telecommunications service, inc." text from the last logo, now greenyellow fades in. It fades out after a few seconds, and the KPTS symbol and WICHITA text, both also greenyellow fade in.

Technique: Live-action with chyron effects.

Audio: Birds chirping quietly.

Availability: Appears on In Session.

3rd ID (1982-1986)

Visuals: The sequence begins with similar footage to the previous logo, except it's taken earlier, and a lot more windy. "KPTS", in a futuristic cursive orange display font with a black edge fades in in the bottom left corner. After this, text that says "Kansas Public Telecommunications Service, Inc." in similarly orange Handel Gothic font (like "HOME VIDEO" in the 1983 Walt Disney Home Video logo) fades in below. It fades out after a few seconds, and similar text in the same font that says "Wichita" fades in in its place. Weirdly, the logo fades out, but both the KPTS symbol and the Wichita text fade out completely before the background does.

Technique: Live-action with chyron effects.

Audio: Loud wind noises.

Availability: Unknown. This, like the past two have also been resurfaced. However, we're not exactly sure how rare this is.

4th ID (1986-19??)

Visuals: Much like the first logo. There is three live-action strands of wheat blowing back and forth against a striped blue background. The same KPTS symbol from the last logo, this time in yellow, fades in on the bottom-right. "WICHITA", in the same Handel Gothic font as the last logo, also in yellow fades in below it.

Technique: Live-action with chyron effects.

Audio: Birds whistling.

Availability: It's seen on programs from the time. It also showed up on KPTS' 40th anniversary special.

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