Dubai TV

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Dubai TV was founded in 1979 and broadcasted throughout the UAE.

Logo (1995-2004)

Visuals: The sequence starts off with the channel's logo. It zooms out, revealing it to be on a satellite with a box of purple cubes together below it on a sunset background. The camera moves to the back on the satellite as it shoots a laser. The laser draws a blue film reel with clips of its shows (including the news program intro at the time). The film reel fades out, and the camera zooms into the laser. Then it fades into the inside of the laser, going up. Then it fades to a satellite on top of a light blue plate, and the background is a cloudy sky. It zooms out revealing more buildings. Then it rotates revealing to be on the side of a gray D. Then the camera zooms out to make space for the rest of the logo. Red, green, and black lines come from the left, the letters "tv" go in front of the D, and pieces of the word "DUBAI" come together, all at the same time.


  • A short version exists, starting at the buildings.
  • Sometimes, the "DUBAI" text would be written in Arabic.

Technique: CGI for the time.

Audio: A dramatic heavenly choir theme.

Availability: Used as both a station ID and program starter at the time.

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