Dubai One

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

Logo (2012-)

Visuals: There are various idents, all revolving around a red CGI comma and one or more people doing their dream jobs behind it. After that, the comma flies to the right side as "DUBAI" and "one" slide in to the right side.


  • Ballerina: Unknown.
  • Painter: Unknown.
  • Guitarist: Unknown.
  • Soccer Player: Unknown.
  • Dancers: Unknown.
  • Parkour: Unknown.
  • Diver: Unknown.
  • Tailor: Unknown.
  • Biker: Unknown.
  • Spy: Unknown.

Technique: A mixture of CGI and live action.

Audio: Depends on the ident, ending with a 3 note jingle.

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