TV-U Fukushima

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1st Logo (1983-2011, Analog)


  • Startup: Two rays of light collide with each other, forming the TUF logo. Another one colide with the logo, making it blue. Then the TUF logo spins until the front is shown, after which a pink beam of light shines from the left. It then fades into a yellow 3D map of Fukushima Prefecture with a blue lake in the middle surrounded by models of water and mountains and white lights at the top. The camera moves around randomly around the area. After the first clip of the map, tons of bullue rays shine outwards. After a while, the three text "JOKI-TV", "TUF", "テレビユー福島" ("TV-U Fukushima") slide from the bottom. After that, the map of Fukushima Prefecture turns intro a red outline, and blue radio waves come out of it, which morphs into a cylinder. A yellow "U" text fades in, then goes inwards to form a "U" logo, which then slides to the left. After that, the "TUF テレビユー福島" ("TUF TV-U Fukushima") logo slides from the left.
  • Closedown: The same but in reverse. (except for the logo sequence)

Technique: CGI by Japan Computer Graphics Lab.

Audio: The opener from the opening logo, which segues into a sooth, tranquile synth melody. The female announcer then says the signal and the name of the company. While finishing the melody, the announcer sings the same jingle "T-U-FFFFFF!!!!" from the opening logo.

Variants: In 1992, the logo sequence was changed as follows:

  • Startup: The "U" logo has been removed, and now the "TUF" logo comes out from the radio waves, after which the text テレビユー福島" ("TV-U Fukushima") slide from the right.
  • Closedown: The "TUF" logo now goes inwards, after which the text テレビユー福島" ("TV-U Fukushima") slide from the right.

2nd Logo (2006-present, Analog from 2011-2012)

Opening Visuals: The screen zooms up into a cycle in a white sight of the city of Fukushima with blue sky. We then get to the headquarters, they open the doors which reveals a series of nature and animals from the region, ending with a sunshine. The signal from before appears on it, and then the logo from the previous one except with more blue and no "u" signature. The name in japanese appears after. The headquarters doors close and then the screen zooms out very fast and then the camera gets up, which reveals the same aformentioned "TUF" zooming in very slowly. The white sight then fades into blank space and the "TUF" is seen clearly.

Closing Visuals: Same as before, but with a sunset and different scenes of natures and animals of before.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A remade rendition of the original opening theme from the analog era.

Availability: Can be seen on their current startups on that time.

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