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These are the bumpers used by Family Channel, launched on September 1, 1988.

1st ID (September 1, 1988-1994)

Visuals: On a sky blue background, a yellow sun draws in on the right. Above the sun, blue horizontal rectangle draws in. Below that, a red abstract vertical rectangle draws in on the left of the sun (all of which are made of paint). After that, the word "Family" in script and in blue draws in below. The word "Channel" fades in below "Family" in a Century Schoolbook font. The logo resembles a window of a sun.


  • On a version of the ID, a sun rises from the bottom of the river, and into the sky. It then flashes into the real yellow sun, zooming out from on a blue background, which shrinks into a thin, horizontal rectangle above on a red background that turns into an abstract vertical rectangle zooming out and settling below and on the left. The sequence continues as normal.
  • Sometimes, an abridged (but short) version of the bumper is used.
  • On a night time variant, there is a full moon floating above and the hills seen below. The camera pans where we see skyscrapers below moving about, and the abstract blue and red rectangles appear slowly, moving and settling in its proper position. The camera stops and the buildings then disappear, as the corporate text appears below. The moon is in place of the sun in the logo.
  • A rare sequence plays, as the screen zooms out on a black background with colorful patterns and shapes moving and flying about. A silver, metallic bar wipes in below with the words "FREE PREVIEW WEEKEND" (in a red-orange ITC Serif Gothic font) inscribed on it.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A fun tune with the announcer saying "You're watching Family Channel, Canada's Family Network." Sometimes the announcer says "You're watching Family Channel, television the whole family can share together."

Audio Variants:

  • On the "Warmth and Wonder of Disney" variant, he also says, "You're watching Family Channel, with the warmth and wonder of Disney."
  • On the night time variant, a relaxing, jazzy rendition of the theme plays throughout, as well as a saxophone playing notes of the jingle itself. Also, a voiceover says "We hope you're enjoying Family Channel, with the warmth and wonder of Disney."
  • On the "Free Preview Weekend" variant, an extended version of the theme plays throughout the rare version, and a voiceover says "We hope you're enjoying our Free Preview Weekend on Family Channel, with the warmth and wonder of Disney and much more."
  • Sometimes, he also says "You're watching our Free Preview Weekend on Family Channel."
  • Otherwise, the announcer is absent.

2nd ID (1994-1997)

Visuals: On a cloudy sky background, we the same Family Channel logo from before, but this time, in a 3D CGI fashion. The logo shines, and the sun itself "flashes" multiple times. The maple leaves fly throughout.


  • On the "Freeview Weekend" bumper, a pilot rides on a red biplane that "flies" in front of the logo, leaving behind a banner that reads "Freeview Weekend" with a Family Channel logo on the left. It then flies behind the logo at the end.
  • Sometimes, the logo is on a starry night background. A comet streaks below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A whimsical tune being played in the daytime version. There is a male announcer saying "For entertaining programs the whole family can enjoy, trust Family Channel."

Audio Variants:

  • On the night time variant, a saxophone tune plays the 1994 theme. He also says "This is Family Channel, Canada's Family Network."
  • On the "Freeview Weekend" bumper, an amusement park-like music rendition of the 1994 jingle plays throughout, with a sound of a biplane flying about. A young teen female announcer is heard saying "You're watching our Freeview Weekend, on Family Channel."

Availability: Starting in February 2023, all the 1994-1997 Family Channel bumpers were released from the Canadian vault and become digitally remastered in high definition to promote the network's 35th anniversary celebration.

3rd ID (August 1997-September 30, 1999)

Visuals: There are numerous people doing various things (including, a ballerina dancer twirling around, a woman graduating, kids feeding a dog, etc.) against a background full of art, as the barber man and a child watches us and disappear, the blue and red objects fly around, along with the sun, forming the original Family Channel logo from before on a white background. The word "Family" in the same script font, also from before, zooms in below with "Channel" in a Helvetica font.

Variants: The bumper comes in the following numerous variants:

  • Mine: The sequence plays, and after the logo forms, the rectangles and text disappear except the sun. The word "Mine" appears in red below the sun, dotting the I.
  • Splat: Same as before, but the word "SPLAT" appears in blue underneath the sun.
  • Signature: After the sequence, the word "Signature" appears below the sun.
  • Disney Variant: There is a sequence of the Family Channel logo playing in animation, as the lines and text disappear except the sun, which briefly wobbles once and shines. The sun flies, draws a yellow paint line and brings forth the black words "with the magic of" inscribed on the yellow line, and the familiar Disney script logo in red writes in below. A small copyright stamp appears on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Technique: A mix of live-action and 2D animation.

Audio: A somewhat catchy, relaxing tune that plays at the beginning. It also ends with the last two notes, and an announcer says "You're watching Family Channel."

Audio Variants: The ID comes in numerous versions:

  • A jazzy swing tune being played throughout with various sounds.
  • A pop-techno tune with a horse whinnying.
  • On the "Signature" variant, there is a female announcer saying "Signature" after the male announcer says "You're watching Family Channel."
  • On the "Magic of Disney" variant, there is a female announcer saying "You're watching Family Channel." A chiming sound is heard as the sun wobbles and shines, and a "whoosh" sound as it flies throughout, followed by a whimsical fanfare being played during the sequence. She also adds: "With the magic...of Disney." before it ends with a flourish.

Legacy: The classic original logo is well-remembered by Canadians that grew up watching Family Channel in the '80s and '90s. Also, it was the last bumper to use the original logo, as the word "Channel" was dropped from the name itself before the rebranding of Family Channel's next logo made on October 1, 1999. However, the "Family Channel" name still remains active in the future, albeit the channel's shortened name ("Family") is used on-screen.

4th ID (October 1, 1999-August 18, 2002)

Visuals: Depends on the variant.


  • Countdown Visuals: There is a blue circle with a black "f" in it, and a white border, and a countdown leader then changes it to green with an "a" in it, then red with an "m" followed by an oscillating fan and a dog. The word "primetime" is shown in the background, and copies of the word "family" (set in a Helvetica Black font) vertically wipe down on the right-hand corner of the screen. The iconic "Circle F" logo appears on the bottom-hand corner of the screen, then changes to people doing various things, which ended up with the 1999-2011 Family logo.
  • Bubbles: On a blue background with bubbles floating about, there is a pre-adolescent boy using a wand, which brings forth a bubble (intended to be an iconic "Circle F" logo varied by numerous colors). The logo floats, then rams and engulfs the screen. He even makes the logo in green come from his wand, as the word "family" springs in below while floating down. The boy looks at it, then smiles and watches us at the end.
  • Marbles: On a yellow background is a child's legs and feet (wearing socks and sneakers, of course), then the marbles fall from above all over her, rolling into the floor. The screen then cuts to the 1999-2011 Family logo (usually in green) on the floor. The marbles take position onto the logo at the end.
  • Confetti: There are a group of six kids playing with the confetti, as it falls from above while they jump around and capture them. The screen then cuts to the girl's hands, as a red "Circle F" logo falls from above, spins around and lands on them. The word "family" appears below in black.
  • Pinball Machine: In a pinball arcade, a silver pinball with a white "f" on it rolls about and hits a single object. The screen then cuts to the springs with the letters of the word "family", inscribed on them. On the last part, there is a hole with the word "family" below. Several pinballs emerge from it, as the Circle F logo appears above as it "burps".
  • Ball Pit: There are all the kids sliding down and landing in a ball pit filled with colorful balls (all of which the iconic Family Channel logo was inscribed on them) as they play with the balls and spread around. The screen then cuts to a shot of a round circle (intended to be a ball pit) with a yellow slide resembling the "f" on it, as we pull back from it against a white background. The word "family" appears below in black. The children wave at us, as the sequence finishes.
  • Ring Around the Rosie: There are children playing "Ring Around the Rosie", as the camera pulls back from them, and the 1999-2011 Family logo fades in.
  • Disney Variants: There are four variants of the ID that contains the Disney version:
    • Countdown Leader: There is a countdown-leader style animating, as the red "Circle F" comes up, as the word "family" appears below. The logo then changes from red to green, but ends up with blue, with colors of the square background that become different. The logo shrinks away as it vanishes with "family" disappearing about. As this happens, a black circle animates per usual and comes up with circle outlines, all occurring at the same time. The text "with the magic of" (set in a Helvetica Bold font) wipes in above, while a red corporate Disney logo wipes in below, as the sequence finishes.
    • DJ Effect: Same sequence as before, as the red "Circle F" logo spins back and forth like a DJ record, before assuming its normal position. It then changes to light blue, as the 1999-2011 Family logo appears in front of it as usual. A white circle outline draws around the inside of it. Another zooms out and gets placed on the countdown leader circle. It then shrinks and disappears, as a little white circle outline vanishes. A blue circle comes up, as the words "with the magic of Disney" with the white stacked words "with the magic of" in a Helvetica Bold font, and a red corporate Disney logo below appears as usual.
    • Water: Same as variants 1-2, but the countdown leader sequence plays and brings forth water, as the Family logo appears, then gets swirled away (as if it were being flushed down like a toilet) while disappearing. Another brings forth the same Disney sequence as it waves for a bit, then straightens out at the end.
    • Cloudy Sky: Same as variants 1-3, but it also brings forth a shot of the cloudy sky as the Family logo flips into view, then settles in the middle of the screen. The logo then blurs, and the same Disney sequence from before comes up.
  • Hula Hoop: On a red background, there are two girls doing hula hoops, as the bright light flashes, and the 1999-2011 Family logo appears in front of the background with hula hoops moving about. Then a bright light flashes, as the sequence ends up with the girls again.
  • Soccer Ball: On an orange background, there is a young African/Canadian boy playing a game of soccer. He headbutts the ball on his head, then the frame stops and shows a ball with the "Circle F" logo (inscribed on it), as the word "family" is revealed from below. It then disappears below the ball via a "transition blur" effect. The frame resumes and the boy wins by putting his hands up high as the sequence finishes.
  • Dog: On a red background, there is a family taking care with a dog. The Family logo appears on the bottom right.
  • Turntable: There are children sitting together in the kiddie pool as the camera turns. The Family logo fades in.
  • Circle: There is a circle animating, which shows a dog, a kid, the parents and another kid. Three circles were seen appear one-by-one at the right, as well as the "Circle F" logo. The Family logo is briefly seen.

Astral Media Variants: Starting in 2001, Family Channel became formerly acquired by the now-defunct, wholly-owned Astral Media (which continued before its demise in 2013). However, here are a list of variants being displayed below:

  • Countdown Visuals: After the sequence, the Family logo changes to the 2000-2010 Astral Media logo (containing the uppercase "A" with a circle cut and a full name below).
  • Pinball Machine: After the Pinball sequence of the ID, the logo turns around, revealing the then-current Astral Media logo on it.
  • Soccer Ball: After the sequence, the Astral Media logo appears above the boy via a transitioned "blurring" effect.
  • Circle: After the sequence, the Astral Media logo pops up in a circle as the ID finishes.

Variants (Sign-On/Sign-Off):

  • Sign-On: There are clips of all Family Channel bumpers (such as the children sliding down into the ball pit, pinball machine, hula hoops, etc.). Then a bright light flashes, as the sequence ends up with a ball pit that resembles the "Circle F" logo on a yellow background. The Family logo is shown on the top left corner of the screen, while the words "Good Morning" (in a Gill Sans font) is shown on the bottom-left. The colorful balls spread around. Also used in Family Channel's "Coming Up" bumper from 1999-2002.
  • Sign-Off: There is a clip from the first variant of the "Magic of Disney" bumper. The screen then cuts to all the clips from bumper entitled "Ring Around the Rosie", then a bright light flashes as it proceeds to the last two bumpers such as "Ball Pit" and "Pinball Machine" respectively. It also ends up cutting to the "Circle" bumper as the Family logo appears below, and the words "Good Night" can be shown on the top right corner of the screen. Also used in promos on Family Channel from 1999-2002.

Technique: A mix of 2D animation and CGI as well as live-action, done by Pittard Sullivan.

Audio: Depends on the variant of the ID, usually only using the three-note theme at the end.

Audio Variants:

  • A 1999 pop/hip-hop jingle (heard in the "Circle" ID) with a voiceover (either male, female or young teen female) saying "You're watching Family, with the magic of Disney!", and a whimsical trill being played at the end. Sometimes, on the first variant, there is no voiceover at all.
  • On sign-ons, a rock tune plays over various footage of the bumpers, followed by an announcer stating "Good morning, and welcome to Family's broadcast day!".
  • This is the same on sign-offs, but the tune is changed to a calm techno news-like theme (heard in the "Confetti" ID), there is different footage, and the announcer now says "This now concludes our broadcast day. Good night from Family!".


  • Despite the 1999 bumpers were retired in 2002, the sign-off was removed on July 1, 2007 when the channel went 24/7, but the sign-on was still remains in every morning until April 10, 2013.
  • Starting in February 2023, WildBrain (the parent company of Family Channel) would announce that the 1999 beloved bumpers would be digitally remastered in high definition to promote the network's 35th anniversary on September 1st alongside YTV (currently owned by Corus Entertainment).

5th ID (August 19, 2002-January 11, 2011)

Visuals: Depends on the variant.

Technique: Depends on the variant.

Audio: Depends on the variant of the ID.

Availability: Starting in February 2023, all the 2002-2011 Family Channel bumpers were released from the Canadian vault and become digitally remastered (straight from the original videotape negatives) in true 1080p high definition to promote the network's 35th anniversary celebration on September 1st.

6th ID (January 12, 2011-September 30, 2017)

Visuals: Depends on the variant.

Trivia: This was made to fit the rebranding, but would be discontinued in favor of the next logo below.


  • Flying Ball: There is a teen girl, who notices a white flying ball that resembles the Family logo (the "f" is inscribed on the ball in red). The ball spins around and lands on her hand. The girl waves at her friends being "skyped" on her computer laptop. She passes it to an African/Canadian boy, as the ball shakes and spins around, then it goes to another boy and ends up with another girl (who is exactly wearing pigtails) looking at the ball. She shows the viewers the ball of the logo at the end.
  • Fetch: The first element shown is a dog who looks at the viewers, then the screen cuts straight to an outdoor forest. The boy throws a blue frisbee disc, which leaves off a blue/pink "trail" as a dog fetches it, then runs around to leave behind a yellow trail with colorful sparks. The boy watches, plays around with and pets him. The frisbee resembles the Family logo.
  • Morph: There is the Family logo in yellow, which breaks apart in half leaving inside the "chewing gum" that gets stickier, then there is another logo in red (intended to be a worm crawling about). The logo then transforms into other objects (such as neon lights, cutting into slices, boombox with tape recorder, solid gold, spikes, a blue Easter egg, a camera, etc.). The objects then reveal as the logo finishes.

Technique: A mix of CGI and live-action, done by Capacity Studios.

Audio: Depends on the variant.

Availability: This was made to fit the launch of the HD simulcast.

7th ID (October 1, 2017-)

Visuals: On a light teal background with a white spotlight in the middle, there is a modernized version of the current Family Channel logo appearing in the center with colorful circles flying around it and shrinking into small sizes together. After a few seconds of spinning around, they emerge from behind the logo and slowly encircle around it. The logo shines, and the color changes from yellow to blue.


  • Sometimes, the logo and background varies in numerous colors.
  • Miraculous Variants: On airings of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, here are the variants listed below:
    • Ladybug: The sequence of the ID plays as the logo zooms out and settles in the middle, with circles coming from behind it. An image of the character Ladybug vertically wipes in on the front of the logo from bottom to top, in a gradual, fancy dissolve effect.
    • Cat Noir: On a variant, Cat Noir appears in front of the logo as well.
    • Ladybug's Yo-Yo: There is a shot of Ladybug's wrist, holding out her yo-yo, as she uses her fingers to slide it open, revealing the Family Channel logo in blue. The screen then cuts to the part where she prepares to swing it down, then she poses in a action-packed fashion and spins it around, making an enormous size of the logo itself. She even does the "Time to de-evilize!" percussion, and brings forth the real Family Channel logo, settling in the center of the screen as the string comes apart.
  • Famiversary: On September 1, 2023, Family Channel celebrated its 35th anniversary edition. Here are a list of variants being used in the ID:
    • Evolution: It begins with the original 1988-1999 logo, which is now more realistic than usual, then tears up into the next one from 1999-2002 as the "Circle" ID with the "spinning" sequence part from the Family Channel Originals logo. The last two include the 2011-2017 logo as the "Sphere" ident and the current 2017 logo. It then transitions into a white background, as a blue rounded vertical comes up and splits into two, revealing the words "35 Years" (in the font used in current Family Channel promos from 2017 onward). The blue Family logo in its 2017 design comes up, along with a white circle behind it and two blue arcs on either side of the logo respectively. Also, the word "famiversary" in the same font as the 1999 "family" wordmark pop up below letter-by-letter. The logo is surrounded by a white border, as a light blue glow is shown behind it.
    • Zooming Evolution: The 1988-1999 Family Channel logo zooms in with a "trail" effect and settles in the center of the screen. Next comes the then-new one as the "Circle F" logo from 1999-2011, then the 2011-2017 logo as the "sphere" then ends up with the current 2017 logo. The same "Famiversary" logo from before comes up while trailing about. A blue glow appears behind it as the sequence finishes.
    • Transform: There is an original logo from 1988-1999, which transforms into then-new logo from 1999-2011, followed by the 2011-2017 logo and the current 2017 logo. It also ends up transforming into the same Famiversary logo from before. The corporate wordmark transforms into the "famiversary" text. Once again, a blue glow appears behind it.
    • Glitch: The original 1988-1999 logo begins at first with a blue glow behind it, then glitches into the 1999-2011 logo, as well as both the 2011-2017 one and the current 2017 logo. It ends up with the Famiversary logo from the earlier variants.

Trivia: The backdrop in the generic ID was used for scenes of Ladybug capturing the Akuma (in which Hawk Moth summoned), and the CGI animation in the Miraculous variant was also used in seasons 1-3. Marinette Dupain-Cheng, aka Ladybug (voiced by Cristina Vee), utters the phrase "No more evil-doing for you, little Akuma.", then continues the part as normal. The Family logo is omitted from her yo-yo during the clips being played throughout.

Technique: 2D animation. CGI for Ladybug featured on the 3rd Miraculous variant done by ZAG and SAMG Animation as well.

Audio: A "whoosh" as the circles fly around and come from behind it, and a magical chime as the logo shines.

Audio Variants:

  • On numerous IDs, a pop-disco tune is played throughout, accompanied by the sounds in the bumper itself.
  • On the Miraculous variant, a pop-rock tune accompanied by sounds used in the current ID bumper. This was made as the 2nd version of the bumper itself.
  • Sometimes on the 3rd variant, an instrumental version of the Miraculous theme is heard throughout the sequence, accompanied by numerous sound effects, such as the part where Ladybug opens her yo-yo and spins it around.
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