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Logo (2009-2016)

Visuals: There is the voice over of a kid apparently answering a question, such as "Your Ideal World", or "Your Ideal Superpower", as what the kid describes is played out on-screen. This leads up to the ABC3 logo appearing on-screen in some form with the web address "" appearing either below or next to it, depending on the ID.

Variants: There is a short version of each ident, usually consisting of just the formup of the ABC3 logo.

Technique: CGI in various styles.

Audio: It varies depending on the ident.

Availability: Unknown.


Logo (2016-)

Visuals: Live-action footage of kids engaging in various activities as the new ABC ME Logo animates onto the screen.

Technique: Depends on the ID.

Audio: Various remixes and re-edits of the song Unique (Me2U) by Angel, made specifically for the channel, culminating in the channel's new 5-note jingle.

Availability: Unknown.

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