Watch It!

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Watch It! was a children's block launched by ITV on 29 December 1980. Although the block was produced by ATV, it was presented live by the duty continuity announcer in each ITV region. The block was broadcast on weekdays between 4:15pm to 5:15pm. Shortly after the start of new franchises in 1982, some ITV stations had concerns that Watch It! had not gone far enough to address previous concerns. This lead to the conception of Children's ITV. Watch It! was replaced by CITV on 3 January 1983.

Ident (December 29, 1980-September 23, 1983)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a white outline, and inside, a yellow lightning bolt behind the red words "WATCH IT!" The text is inside a broken red circle outline. The logo blinks 5 times, switching the "!" with a "V," colored in maroon instead of red, which is like the name that owned the company. After that, it reverts back to "IT!".

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: None.

Watch It!
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