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Launched in 1994 to occupy the vacant slot of La Cinq, which closed two years earlier, Télé Emploi (spelled "téléemploi, with quotation marks on the left and a comma on the right) was a temporary channel from France Télévisions made to educate viewers about employment and help them find jobs. The channel lasted from March 28th to April 17th, broadcasting from 7 A.M to 7 P.M on weekdays and from 12 P.M to 7 P.M on weekends. After its closure, La Cinquième (and then France 5) went on to handle the daytime hours of the fifth channel, with Arte handling the evening hours on analogue.

ID (March 28-April 17, 1994)

Visuals: On a black background, multiple quotation marks in different sizes, colors and shapes (with occasionnal colons) appear on across the screen as male and female voices express surprise, confusion, acknowledgement, etc with different french words ("oui", "sur", "car", "mais", "or", "donc", "pour" to name a few), causing the quotation marks to appear in time with their words. The Télé Emploi logo then appears in the center of the screen in the Heldustry font, with the "emploi" part in bold, in a small flash as the quotation marks stop appearing. A female voiceover then announces "Télé Emploi. La chaîne de l'information pour l'emploi et la formation." ("Télé Emploi. The news channel for employment and education.") Following this sequence are the broadcasting hours on the weekdays and weekend before switching to the schedule for either.


  • As mentioned above, Télé Emploi uses the Heldustry font. The owner of the channel, France Télévisions, would go on to use said font as their corporate font from 2002 to 2018, 8 years after Télé Emploi's closure. The format for the text on France Télévisions's 2002 logo is also the same as Télé Emploi's: "france" and "télé" being normal, "télévisions" and "emploi" being in bold.
  • In 2018, 24 years after Télé Emploi's closure, another French channel, RMC Story (owned by Altice Media), used quotation marks as the base for its initial branding, this time in 3D (though still on a 2D background). This was dropped in 2021 in favor of a variant of sister channel RMC Découverte's 2017 branding.


  • The channel's idents follow a similar concept to the sign-on sequence, with punctuation symbols (such as exclamation points, ellipsis, and so on) used in conjunction with the quotation marks. They all end with the Télé Emploi logo forming letter by letter, with a small flash once it fully forms. Another flash may precede or follow it, depending on the music. There can also be no flash at all.
  • Before signing on, a waiting screen with an orange background is displayed with the channel's name and slogan in the center, the duration of the channel and weekday broadcasting hours on the bottom left and the weekend broadcasting hours on the bottom right.
  • Promos for the Minitel or telephone services show multiple symbols such as an ellipsis, a parenthesis, a plus symbol, a division bar, a hash and a straight line spinning before they move away as a female voiceover tells the viewer that they can access more information on the channel's programs through the Minitel or by phone.
    • The Minitel promo has an orange hash spinning for a few seconds before becoming still on the top right, with the 3615 number (which allowed Minitel users to access a number of services instantly) and the TV EMPLOI code on the left. The price of the connection's duration per minute is then displayed on the bottom right.
    • The telephone promo has a white parenthesis flipping horizontally four times before stopping, with the phone number on the right. The price for the call per minute is then displayed on the bottom right.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: Male and female voices, along with beeping sounds, all accompanied by techno-sounding music.

Audio Variants: Several idents have different soundscapes, with different words used. Some, for example, may use "donc" (so). Others could use "oui" (yes) and so on.

Availability: Most of its branding is preserved on archival websites.

La Cinq (indirectly)
Télé Emploi
La Cinquième/France 5 (indirectly)
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