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Rede Vida is an educational TV station located in the Sao Paulo state of Brazil, launched in 1995.

1st Logo (1995-1997, 2002-2004)

Visuals: Over a blue gradient background, various golden arrow lines meet and place in a six-pointed star fashion. The pieces rotate all together as they move back, and the text "REDEVIDA" flies from the left and places below.

Technique: CGI.


  • 1995-1997: A female choir singing the station's name.
  • 2002-2004: A four-note fanfare.

Availability: It debuted in 1995 as a main ident, then brought back in 2002 as a post-call ident for two years.

2nd Logo (1997-1998)

Visuals: The screen is filled with a very bright light, the star logomark is seen rotating from the bottom to frontal view. The light dims out and reveals a plain blue sky background with clouds, and the text from before. A flare passes through "VIDA" after it happens.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A proud fanfare.

3rd ID (2 Years Ident) (1997)

Visuals: A blue sphere is seen on a yellow surface with a blue gradient sky, as some tube appear falling over the sphere, and a yellow shape appear rising from the floor. The words "2 Anos" moves through the screen and some red-white appear moving and dissapearing in middle of the air, like they're flickering. While this is that the tube shapes are forming a barrier covering the sphere. The screen zooms towards the sphere, and once inside we see the Rede Vida logo and the words "REDEVIDA" in a blue-white background.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A majestic theme.

Availability: Used to commemorate the 2-year anniversary of the channel.

4th ID (1998-2002)

Visuals: On a black/blue background, the planet Earth is seen on the bottom panning to the right, and a bright star appears on the top-left. The Rede Vida logo then zooms into us from the same star, and shines.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An energetic orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Used along with the next two idents described below.

5th ID (1998-2002)

Visuals: Over a blurry purple background the Rede Vida logo rotates into view with a glow. The glow then dims once it settles.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A rock fanfare.

6th ID (1999-2002)

Visuals: There is a transparent sphere floating to the right in front of a dark cloudy sky. There's a sudden freeze and the sphere flashes into a zooming Rede Vida logo, starting from top view to get into frontal position. The sky then fades into a purple/blue/green light background.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A percussive fanfare with synths.

7th ID (2002-2004)

Visuals: The screen passes through various segmented blue lines with a reflection of the sky seen on them. The camera speeds up and pans above and we can see a sphere crossing into the center while it does so. It all fades into a background of a spinning star with purple lights and various light particles shoot into us. The screen zooms into the star and the pieces of the Rede Vida logo join together as the star passes and disappears into view.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A rock fanfare (sounding like a show intro), and two whooshes after the beginning of the logo.

8th ID (2004-2006)

Visuals: The screen passes through the yellow "REDEVIDA" text on a blue room with another sphere seen above, from the front, then behind, and then above. The sphere then floats above the text and a ring of gas appears. Then another fade happens in which we see the Rede Vida star wiping in with various sparkles, as it settles into near-center and the text spins in below. The sparkles disappear.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A majestic fanfare that sounds like the Australian Nine Network "Still The One" theme. This would later be used for future idents.

9th ID (2006-2008)

Visuals: Yellow walls are seen in a blue floor, and in a blue sky with many transparent letters rotating like circles, and the camera moves trought a corridor, but the wall rotates, revealing to be the Rede Vida logo in a sky. "O Canal da Familia" appear below

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the previous logo.

10th ID (2008-2011)

Visuals: In a sunny sky appear the Rede Vida star, but with many footages of real life in every part of the star, and a shining is seen in the middle of it. "REDEVIDA" appear below the star like a beam of light, and "O Canal da Familia" appear below the text.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the eighth logo.

11th ID (2011-2012)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the eighth logo.

12th ID (2012-)

Visuals: The sequence starts with a lens flare rising from the bottom right corner with a blue streak crossing it. Once it does so, the streak makes copies of itself, turning and fading or sliding away. Four cyan streaks appear from the flare as it increases in size, with the company name sliding out of the flare and off the left side of the screen. Multiple streaks are seen flying across the screen before the company name, logo and motto fades in over a blue-white circular gradient background as some streaks fly around it.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A calm orchestrated synth theme with a few whooshes accompanying the streaks.

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